Terrence Ross diamond card
95 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 61 REB


Written by joshuaterrygold

Terrence Ross is a glitchy card, his release is easy to green. He still has his insane leaner which is also easy to time. I was skeptical about him not having clamps, but honestly I was able to stay in front of the ball handler and when they got a blow by animation i had someone to play some help defense until ross got back. He is quick, has great dribble moves and is incredibly clutch. I will definitely run as my back up two.

Strengths: great dribble moves insane shooting ability great leaner decent playmaking abilities

cons: defense is a little shotty at times but can stay in front of ballhandlers with his speed and lateral quickness

Overall ross is a great card, and although it sucks 2k did not give him clamps he is still usable.

Recommend putting a diamond shoe on him.

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