'05 Christian Laettner pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 65 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 93 REB

Best stretch 5

Written by Slevin424

Sorry Big Z move over. Got a new stretch 5 today and this one is without a doubt the best shooting center in the game. I don't have GO KAT but while KAT does have a 97 3pt shot Laettner has more HOF shooting badges than him. He's got more HOF shooting badges than most GO/PD guards. He's got more HOF shooting badges than GO Larry Bird. Let that sink in. If you're running a 5 out lineup Laettner will be a perfect addition to your team. He shoots better than my PD Dirk. Laettner usually has some pretty OP cards in 2K and while there are better options for a center, there's no one better for drilling pick n pops all day.

Bought for: 42,000 MT (pretty cheap)


  • Shooting: 96 3pt shot with 17 HOFs! That's a lot of Hoofs! HOF range extender, deadeye, hot zone hunter, green machine. All the important ones are there. He also has a very easy green window queue if you release just as he flicks his wrist. One complaint is his spot up animation when he releases and kinda puts his foot forward. I've noticed it's caused some 3's to turn into 2's especially in the corner. Luckily he can hit from deep behind the 3pt line so you can fix that. It's a decent release, it's not too slow and perfect for high latency games thanks to that easy green window queue. But he's super consistent. The most consistent shooting big I've used. He doesn't have a problem hitting full whites, he has too many badges to be a bad shooter. And HOF deadeye for a big is just nuts. How about this for a positive... I was able to consistently green step back 3's with him. A BIG doing step back 3's. First one was an accident and then second was just a heat check. Then I realized this is just a thing he can do and yeah I went nuts with it cause it's actually a decent step back animation. Moving 3pt shot? Sure why not it's actually faster than his jumpshot and it can green pretty well too. Just do things you'd tell yourself "I should not be able to do this with a center" and he'll do them.

  • Post game: 98 post fade with HOF deep fades is lethal. His post up fade animation is okay, it's not the best. But his shoot from post animation is great (that's without dribbling in the post). He starts it relatively quick and it's got a good green window. Deep hooks, post spin, dream shake all on HOF. Can body people with bad post defense with ease. He also has 80 pass accuracy with gold needle threader which is important running post plays, you can rely on him to pass out of the post without turning it over which is great to run post plays while drawing a double or letting your players get someone open. His inside scoring is okay nothing to really write about. 90 layup, 80 driving dunk, 85 standing is pretty average. He has some decent HOF badges... HOF giant slayer for some reason. His animation are burly as you'd expect. It's decent.

  • NOT SLOW!: By not slow I don't mean he's fast. But this is Laettner I was expecting him to be as slow as Big Z but he's got 77(81) speed(with Mike Malone as coach) and 74 w/ ball. That's not bad at all actually. Considering I was using Marc and Big Z for a while I just got used to slow centers so the difference between them is nice. He's not Webber obviously but he does have gold quick step so that's more than I expected. PF I mean I guess his speed there would be a bit below average considering there's guys like AD and Aaron Gordon out there but he could run PF if you'd like and not be terrible at it. Just depends on his matchup. He does have 78 lateral quickness, 80 perimeter D and gold clamps so he can run PF and he might not be a liability there. Obviously a PF with 90's in speed w/ ball will torch him so know your matchups.

  • Rebounding?: Yeah 97 defensive and 93 offensive doesn't sound like a monster rebounder. But he has gold rebound chaser, worm and box. On HOF rebound chaser is nuts but gold works just fine for him. He was snagging a good amount boards despite I expected him not to. He does have 85 vertical and that 81 speed lets him get some boards over taller centers sometimes. At PF he'd be a good rebounder too. HOF break starter with that passing is really nice to have. Not much time left throwing an outlet pass deep down court and throwing into the 20th row is something I just hate seeing centers do, Laettner has pretty good accuracy so he hasn't done that yet. Has HOF putback and will go for them pretty often.


  • Inside defense (sorta): 86 block, 82 contest shot, 94 interior D and 0 HOF defensive badges. He's not a terrible defender but he's not going to lock down the rim like Duncan, Robinson, Shaq, Dwight, Eaton or Bill. I will say they he puts in a good effort which I was surprised at then saw his tendencies. He has a 77 contest shot tendency and 77 block tendency. That's not crazy high but that's actually pretty good. PD Anthony Davis actually only has 65 block tendency and you'd be surprised some guys with high block stats don't have higher than 60. Big Z has a 95 block but only a 46 tendency. So Laettner will go for blocks more often than most guys. Basically he isn't a tall pylon standing in the paint not doing anything but obviously there are better guys out there for defense. If you've ever gone up against that Dwight you'll know what I mean. Dude has a 92 tendency, literally jumps at everything without needing to off-ball with center. Another note Chris only has 7 pass interception tendency despite the 88 stat so I have not seen him go for steals on bad passes as often as Big Z does and that explains why.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n pop all day. HOF deadeye means they cannot focus too much on your guard cause Chris will absolutely light them up for it. 3pt plays designed for pick n options have good outcomes. Where your center sets screens for someone at the 3pt line for them to run the defender off them and force a switch up sometimes will leave your big completely open as they try to chase who ever he set the screen for. High picks are fun too cause if they sag off from deep he can easily hit those over them. PF 3pt plays also work if you find a playbook with some good ones. Oh and post plays are great too. I played him at PF and it worked against certain guys but his speed is good for a center so really it depends.

Other Comments: Coaches... so Balanced does give him higher offensive rebounding which is great. I would say balanced if you're running him at center. Mike Malone if he's your PF to give him that speed and perimeter D boost. Shoes is up to you but I gave him a Air Jordan IX Low for 3pt and block. You'll have a center with 99 3pt rating.

Use if: You want a big sniper who can also body people in the post. An all around offensive beast.

Don't use if: You want a taller pure rim protecting big.

Bottom Line: He's not bad on defense, can hit 3's like guard and solid rebounding. The offense this provides is instant value. Which for his price is more than worth it. I have a lot of fun using this guy.

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