Kevin Porter Jr. diamond card
95 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 52 REB

R I D I C U L O U S.

Written by btr020

Jeez... This card is just absurd. New spotlight rewards are a massive W for 2k - they stepped up during this awful time and gave all players a great course of grinding that can get you great cards for free, so props to them - but man... these cards are more than great. KPJ in my opinion is the best one.
Bought for: Free (5 game Cavs series... getting the 10 Cavs players is like 5k mt max)


  • Frame: Look, Kevin Porter Jr is 6'6. His hair is apparently 4 inches. KPJ feels like he's a 6'9 body that is a massive boost for everything from dunking and finishing to defending.

  • Outside Shooting: JR Smith but with less quickdraw - so an absolute butter release. Guy is absurd from beyond for me. Whether it's standing, catching, or moving, with a coach boost Kevin is lights out from 3, like way too good.

  • Inside Scoring & Dunking: Okay, KPJ blows by everything - HOF clamps are not a problem - has a crazy dunk package, and-one tendencies, and is ridiculous in transition (of course). This is the strongest aspect of the card, and that's saying something considering the shooting and defense. KPJ is an athletic freak, and this is why he feels like a slashing Demi-god.

  • Defense: Yep. HOF Clamps and HOF Tireless are the best two badges to have maxed out, but he also tags a few golds along. No intimidator, and overall/on paper, he isn't a crazy defender. However, you have to go back to what I said about frame, and then consider that you are running this dude at your 2 guard. He's locking Wade, Klay, or Vince purely on height (paired, to some extent, with his athleticism). His defense is significantly low if he's at SF - almost a weakness.

  • Playmaking: This one is to a lesser extent, but he can whip passes in transition. Not a ridiculous playmaking 2 by any means, but if you know how to pass-map on the move KPJ can throw some great passes.


Comments: Kevin Porter Jr, KPJ, is a crazy card. 2k20 myteam is essentially at the point in which there are so many demi-god level cards, that's all that matters is to pick cards that fit your play-style from the very expansive top-tier. KPJ can slash, grab oops and dunk like Mike, shoot the lights out, and defend every 2 you see; he even is not difficult to use with his large frame and speed. If you're looking at this set, this card goes up with the likes of Cam Reddish easily - and that man is also just, nuts. I suggesting using KPJ at the 2 if you like some of the strengths illustrated, and he isn't hard to try out through the spotlight sets.

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