Isaac Bonga bronze card
68 Overall
  • 67 INS
  • 66 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 67 ATH
  • 63 DEF
  • 58 REB


Written by RussWestFan

Bought for: 69 MT


  • Everything


  • Nothing

Recommended Strategy: pull up half court; ive never missed a shot with him and i pull up from half court. if he misses (which i dont think is possible but just in case) dont worry, he will just run extremly quick because his top speed is 420 mph and do a 720 between the legs, throw the ball in one ear and when it comes out the other ear, he catches the ball putback dunk, just like what he did to when the Lakers their first championship in

Use if: you want a player who scores every possession

Don't use if: you want to lose

Bottom Line: he is a literal god, it is not fair for your opponent

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