'03 Danny Manning diamond card
95 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 71 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 70 REB

Tier S SF

Written by opsam117

I haven't use Danny Manning in any 2k game. This is the first time I use him and this card is so fking good. One of the best, arguably the best small forward in myteam right now.

Bought for: 6200 MT, if 2k change his gem to opal, he worth about 200k mt no doubt of that.


  • Inside scoring: one of the best near-rim finisher in the game. His dunking animation is fast enough to avoid blocking.

  • Driving ability: Too good for a 6'10 player. His speed with ball is a little bit slow, but it can be boost by diamond shoes, plus "Floor General" and HOF quick first step, it is more than enough to get rid of defender. Also, his size and wingspan helps him on dunking a lots. Poster is easy to trigger.

-Dribble animation: Frankly, he does not has the best dribble move like other giant ball handler simmons and magic, but important moves like "Snatch back" and "crossover" are very decent.

-shooting: base-11 and nice upper body release, plus high stats and good badges, very deadly from 3-pt ranger.

-defense: he is a versatile defender who can guard 1-5 because of his quickness and size. Although his defensive aren't too high(all mid to high 80s) He got all defensive badges on gold which highly improve his defensive performance.

-Ultimate go to guy: He is an ultimate go to guy because he can literally attack from any range with any weapon. He can shoot from limitness range, he can dribble and drive, he can play low post offense. If you put him at small forward, even PG and KD cant stop him because they are shorter,lighter and don't have enough interior defense badges.


  • Rebounding: Rebound stats look low but actually not that bad, and this might be his only weakness

Recommended Strategy: "Low post offense, catch and shoot, iso 1v1, post moves, etc"

Other Comments: (optional) "play him at small forward, he would destroy players those undersized SF or SF that don't have interior defense."

Use if: "You want an all around beast."

Don't use if: "You don't even have 7k mt"

Bottom Line: "Everyone go buy him now."

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