'00 Alonzo Mourning pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 97 REB

Engame card for budget players


Bought for- 32,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim, and his 97 post moves mean he will body ANYONE. Strong as hell and can't be pushed off the block at all.
  • Rebounding: Put him against anyone, and he will come down with it.
  • Defense- Rim protector to a T. Can and will block almost anything. Had 6 blocks on Frostbite AD in my first game using him. Locks down glitched Giannis like he's a toddler.
  • Shooting: Best midrange shooting center I've played with all year. His 83 three pointer is serviceable, but not cheesy or anything. His release is a little funky at first, but gets better as you use him more. His fadeaway out of the post is absolutely butter. Absurdly easy to green consistently.


  • Dribbling: I know he's a center, but whooo boy. Don't risk him taking the ball up the floor for any reason. Also don't expect some cheesy animation for an anklebreaker either. No dribble moves to really be spoken of.

  • Speed: Definitely on the slower end. Not to the point of him being unusable by any means, but sometimes lags getting up the court.

Recommended Strategy: Watch him go to work in the post, or run a screen and flair for a knockdown midrange or 3.

Other Comments: Get him while he's still cheap, because he is an absolute steal. Went 28-16-5 with 6 blocks the first game. Absolute monster.

Use if: You want the best PD Center in the game for under 40K.

Don't use if: You're looking for a pure stretch 4/5.

Bottom Line: Unbelievable value for money, can lock down anyone in the game.

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