Leandro Barbosa ruby card
88 Overall
  • 68 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 59 DEF
  • 45 REB

Pretty good

Written by Eternal_Salty

Ok guys I know it’a been a bit but I finally found time to write you scrubs another review. Now when I saw this guy’s stats I thought I was bouta nut real quick cuz his speed and shooting is beyond comparison of what’s out stat wise right now. And he’s not a midget, being 6’2”. I mainly compared this guy to my ruby Darrell Armstrong, you can go see my review on him. This guy more resembles ruby Charlie ward but is a better version of ruby Charlie ward.


  • Speed: Ok now i’ll be honest here. It doesn’t feel like 96 speed, or speed with ball. He feels a little slower than what I expected but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is extremely fast and blows by everyone. I almost couldn’t give a shit about his 82 midrange and 86 three because his speed on and off the ball make him so good already.

  • Driving and finishing: This is what makes my boy LEEEEEEEEEE-ANNNNDDDRRROOOOOO such an absolute cunt. His 96 speed, 96 speed with ball, 84 driving layup, and 99 fuck you I’m running to the tin means any defender on him is left for dead when he starts a little fury sprint. His gold quick first step and gold downhill also tells anyone playing you to fuck off when you down on transition.

-Dribbling: I personally love his dribbling. I haven’t gotten ripped yet and all I do is abuse his speed with ball by running by defenders and giving them a middle finger up their ass while I go score a cheesy layup.

  • Passing: This guy has very good passing. He chucks up dimes every game and I’m confident that any pass he throws will go right where it needs to go. His 84 passing accuracy along with gold needle threader and flashy passer help him show off and be accurate.

  • Badges: 30 gold badges is pretty cute. No defending or rebounding badges but having 30 gold badges is very nice.


  • Dunking: Okay this isn’t really that big of a deal but it kinda hurts when I blow by someone and have a free path to the rim for the most beautifullllll dunk and my man goes, nahhhh and does a little skip and lobs the ball into the hoop. It makes me cringe I just wanna MONSTER SLAM ON SOME FAGGOTS HEAD. I JUST WANNA FUCKING YAM IT ON SOMEONES HEAD LIKE FUCK MAN.

  • Strength: Now this is probably expected. Being as fast and good at shooting and passing and dribbling, there had to be a physical takeaway at least. And that’s that my man is not swole. He isn’t noticeably weak but like 46 isn’t good so.

  • Defending: Leandro is an offensive superstar but he is not a good defender at all. He can barely defend along the perimeter and forget inside with that strength. Just hope that the other point isn’t a good offensive player.

  • Rebounding: 43 rebounding makes enough sense for you guys I hope. He doesn’t get boards. Plain and simple.

Other Comments: He’s just a beast. He has a couple of drawbacks in his game but on the offensive end he’s a beast. He’s gonna be my backup to Darrell Armstrong because Darrell is just Darrell man.

Recommended Strategy: Give him the ball. Run around a defender. Run to the hoop. Score.

Use If: You need a guy that blows by anyone with ease and gets buckets at the rim.

Don’t Use If: You want 5 defenders.

Bottom Line: He’s a very fun card but there are better ones. Comparing him to ruby Charlie Ward, he’s better offensively but a lot worse defensively. I would choose Barbosa over Ward, but Armstrong is my little baby boy and it’ll take a lot for me NOT to start him.

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