Mike Conley diamond card
95 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 45 REB

Budget King

Written by xNEWCHAMPx

Hello! This is My first review and I just want to say, please leave your honest opinions about it in the comments.

Bought for: Packed him, but he is going for like 7,000 mt or less last time I checked.


Inside Scoring: He finishes inside really well. His 9 HOF Finishing badges helps a lot. He can do almost everything inside despite being 6'1".

Outside Scoring: He shoots lights out for me. His jumpshot is really good and you will be able to hit jumpshots consistently for you.

Playmaking: This man is an assist machine. He has every important playmaking badge you need in order to get so many assists.

Defense: The fun part to talk about. This man is a lockdown machine. With his 84 Shot Contest and HOF Intimidator, even though he is 6'1", he will alter almost any shot you contest. I played againest giannis with this card and Giannis went 6/19. And the opponent was a good player, too. I'm telling you, this card will make you happy defensively.


His Height: Since he is 6'1", obviously he is undersized. It's not even that big of an issue, because of his defense abilities.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Roll, Pick and Pop, Rhythm dribble and wait until defender sags, then use that Quick First Step to blow past him, Iso(sometimes).

Comparisons: He is most comparable to Diamond Eric Bledsoe since they are both undersized and have the same badges. Mike Conley is easier to get though.

Other Comments: Try to run plays with him, he can iso, but he isn't that good in the iso game.

Takeover Options: He got lockdown takeover for me, which is really glitchy, but I think he can also get playmaking takeover and sharpshooting takeover with the right shoe and coach.

Use if: You need a budget baller that has the badges and attributes and animations to do damage in the long run. Also if you need an all around point guard.

Don't use if: You need tall point guards and you have mt to get better point guards than him(not that many better than him out there.)

Bottom Line: Really good budget card that I would recommend getting. He has all the badges you would want in your point guard and more.

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