Shake Milton diamond card
95 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 57 REB

Sniper Shake

Written by foxygrandpa

Shakes a budget beast. Super easy release and greens from anywhere

Bought for: 20,000 MT


Shooting: Sniper shake is cold, he has an amazing jumper (I want it for mycareer if anyone knows it lol) and he greens from anywhere, with his badges one of the best cheap shooters in the game in my opinion

  • Handles: Great animation, able to get space easy, fast with the ball, doesnt get tired quick
  • Being a 6 5 pg helps a lot on defense -Good layup animations and gets fouls -Hes shake milton and its badass he has a moments card


  • Rebounding, not a big deal for pgs
  • Cant really dunk
  • His defense is servicable but hes no defensive anchor

Recommended Strategy: Shoot from anywhere its probably green

Other Comments: (optional) I dont even run plays to get him open he can get space with good dribbling animation and his jumper is cash Use if: "You want a budget curry-like sharpshooter at pg

Don't use if: You like super athletic pgs or dont use diamonds

Bottom Line: My favorite shooter so far

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