'98 Dirk Nowitzki sapphire card
84 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 60 ATH
  • 61 DEF
  • 63 REB

Here me out

Written by Slevin424

(oh good I can't fix the title... spelling is not my thing) So I spent some time grinding his upgrades and he's at Amethyst level 2. Dirk is one of my favorite players when 2K gets him right. The GO card from 2K19 was unreliable and finicky. This card feels way better for some reason. His 3pt once you get Quick Draw, Range Extender and Green Machine make his shots go in super consistently. Not even at the level where I get HOF Deep Fade yet they're still going in. The green window on his post fade unlike 2K19 is much easier to get down. His Pick N Pop play is free points if the defenders make the mistake of leaving him open either at 3pt line or mid range. This card is a walking bucket. And his rebounding might look bad, but he has Box and Putback so at his height he's pretty good at getting boards.

Simple spotlight reward:


  • Elite shooter
  • Post master
  • 7'0 PF can out rebound many players


  • Defense: Yeah it's not the prettiest... at higher levels the defense stats go up but it's a grind. He's not so great at lower level, although he's okay at perimeter defense. Get a defensive Center to make up for him.
  • Slow: At 7'0 he can actually play Center to make his speed fit his position but it's not as bad as some PFs.
  • Hot Zones are rough while leveling up, they give the guy gold corner specialist but give him cold corners?
  • Not dominate inside: He's not AD or Blake, he can't just shove the entire team out the way to dunk. But that's not really what his style is.

Recommended Strategy: I run a lot of Pick n Pop plays starting at the wing. Even if they do switch defense properly and you get a mismatch just post shove them till you're somewhere near the basket and post fade. Perimeter Centric or Balanced will work well. Where you're running plays and getting off-ball screens with lots of pick n rolls/pops. He's also great if you have a slashing SF like LeBron, Dr J or Mashburn cause you can drive inside force the D to collapse and kick it to Dirk for a mid range shot which will go in without question. His mid range is just as good as his 3pt shooting. Post centric of course is his best style but I use the post fade in tight situations where I can't get a better shot... and he usually bails me out by hitting them. His post badges do allow him to bump his defender a considerable distance to get space for the fade which is nice.

Use if: You want a stretch 4 who can shoot the lights out.

Don't use if: You want a defender who can dominate on ball defenders like AD.

Bottom Line: For a free diamond (given a ton of grinding) it's not a bad card at all.

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    BTW good luck with that rebounding challenge to get to amethyst... (not so)pro tip put him in triple threat single player with NO good rebounders and grind it that way. It helps kinda.


    bruh its easy to get the rebs to turn him to amethyst