Tyson Chandler ruby card
89 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 50 OUT
  • 36 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 91 REB

Lowkey beast

Written by Slevin424

Mind you... it's a 5 star for a ruby card. I wouldn't start him over diamond Dikembe or anything. But if you're ballin on a budget this is a must have card. I picked him for the spotlight Dirk challenge and decided to test him out in some low overall lineups with evo cards to grind objectives. Looking to replace the Rudy card I had I picked him up. He's a monster in the paint. Can get a double just off putbacks alone. Blocks? Steals even? Monster dunks? Nothing this card can't handle. Just don't attempt a mid range. If you don't need a center to put up crazy points, just someone to be the defensive anchor and get boards this is your man.

Bought for: 1,750 MT dirt cheap


  • Rebounding machine: He's massive, he can nudge anyone out the way for the boards. 7'1 helps too. 3 gold rebounding badges too. 99 offensive and defensive rebounding.
  • Defense: 99 interior defense, 61 perimeter, 85 Pick N Roll D, 99 help defensive IQ, 90 consistency, 89 pass perception, 90 block and 87 shot contest. He's a monster on defense with good pass perception too. He's a big dude who can not be pushed around. Plays volleyball in the paint really well.
  • Inside scoring: Close shot 99, standing dunk 99, driving dunk 84, draw foul 84, post moves 81, post hook 70. Again not crazy good at offense but he'll get all the offensive boards you could ask for.
  • Actual brick wall: This dude's screens can rearrange someone's spinal cord. Perfect pick n roll player. Guards even with pick dodger have a hard time getting around this walking refrigerator. (Keep in mind these stats are boosted by the right coach)


  • Old school: I mean I don't know if you consider this a negative, he's an old school center. Mid-range, shooting and all that jazz is for the birds.
  • I was going to say slow but 70 speed actually isn't bad for his size. Obviously with the ball he's a tank with legs but not terrible.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n roll, set screen, post up mismatches, work the paint and let him lock down the rim.

Examples: https://imgur.com/sFKdL1k (wasn't even trying that much to use him. Most those points are from putbacks)

Use if: You want a lock down defender in the paint who cannot be pushed around.

Don't use if: You want to shoot with your big

Bottom Line: For price he's a solid addition to any team. Can definitely come off the bench and hold down the fort.

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    Totally agree! He racks up so many boards and blocks, he's the perfect glue guy. That 84 pass perception comes in huge when people wrecklessly pass the ball around, and for his size 70 speed is quite fast. I was thinking about writing a review oh him, but you covered it all!


    Thanks, yeah that pass perception really does show up in games. He just picks them out the air without even jumping. He's also really good at intercepting post passes. If they lob pass instead of bounce it, he'll force out the postup and take it.

    Board man gets paid!


    Haha definitely, he's getting paid from those darn contracts lol