'76 Jerry Sloan amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 76 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 72 REB

Basically Klay Thompson

Written by Slevin424

That's the best description actually. He's Klay with a slightly lower 3pt rating but a higher defense rating. I picked him to add some defense for my back court and he's been exactly what I hoped for. He can lock down almost every guard and a lot of small forwards. He can take a lot of people off the dribble. Gets a lot of steals and forced turnovers. 8 gold defensive badges and 1 HOF. Off ball pest doesn't sound like it's a big deal but against guys like Ray Allen, Brandon Roy, JR Smith, and Doug West he completely takes them out the game. Guys who don't play with the ball in their hands and do off-ball screens to get open or look for mismatches get iced by this guy. He does not let anyone he's guarding get open. One play I've had trouble defending is where someone cuts from the corner past the paint through 2 screens and runs to the top side of the key for 3pt shots always seemed to work. But Sloan always gets past the screens and is right there when the ball gets passed to them. He's okay at defending ISO players too but I keep him at SG.

Bought for: 17,000 MT


  • Defending: As mentioned above he's an elite defender.
  • Shooting: I'd like his 3pt rating a little higher but if he's open he usually knocks them down. Has good hot spots. Has 13 shooting badges though no range extender so be careful with long shots from 3pt and mid-range. His jumpshot has kind of a rough green window but if you practice it's quick enough to get off before getting closed out.(Oddly enough he has an insanely good hop shot animation cause it's easy to green with gold difficult badge)
  • Rebounding: 78 defensive rebound 58 offensive for a SG ain't half bad, he does snag some boards


  • Inside scoring: It's serviceable 87 driving layup with 85 draw foul, it works but he's no slasher.
  • Interior D: So at SG it's fine, he's good at defending even slashing SG. But at SF that 52 might not cut it against LeBron or Giannis. Where he does defend is stealing and taking them off the dribble but if they post him up being at 6'5 and 44 block he might struggle. Against Short, Melo, and Rudy T he's fine he can lock those guys up. SF that shoot or aren't built like LeBron or Giannis he's fine against.

Recommended Strategy: If a guy is giving you trouble just sick Sloan on him. On offense just let him hang out on the perimeter getting off ball screens or sit in the corner to drain 3pt shots if they leave him open.

Use if: You need some defense in the backcourt and want a good two way player

Don't use if: You want a ball dominate offensive beast like Kobe or MJ

Bottom Line: If you have a good 2 already he's actually a great pick up as a 6th to come off the bench and keep the team from scoring while your starters are resting. Either way Sloan is a great addition to any team since defense is invaluable.

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