'05 Christian Laettner amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 48 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 88 REB

He's okay...

Written by Slevin424

I got baited into this one, I remember Laettner being a beast in the last 2K so I picked him thinking he'd play similar. He does not... his shooting and post scoring is fine. Rebounding is fine. But his defense is lacking and that athleticism is horrid. I tested his speed against AD and without the ball in his hand he could not run to the other end of the court before AD could WITH the ball in his hand. In a fastbreak situation he might as well not be there. If he gets a head start maybe.

Bought for: 15,000 MT


  • Shooting: Is okay, it gets the job done on the pick n pop. Jumpshot is pretty quick. However he has NO hot spots from 3pt range which makes getting greens really rough.
  • Post scoring: It's fine, he's a tough guy to push around so he can post up a lot of people without trouble. However (get used to this word) his post fade is really weak. The green window is really small and it's a lazy post fade animation. So basically you're not creating a lot of space which means you're getting contested.
  • Rebounding: Good rebounder however his speed makes it so he gets beat to a lot of big bouncing rebounds.


  • SLOW: His new name is Christian Latener... cause he's always late to the fast breaks... please don't down vote me for this joke.
  • Inside scoring: It's mediocre honestly. Standing dunk 80, driving 55... 55 is pretty low for PF/centers.
  • Perimeter D: Is bad! It's really bad. 33 stat line! 28 lateral quickness! Stretch 4's will kill this man.
  • Playmaking: So I know 4's usually don't have playmaking but ball handle is 45 which is below the position average. Know what that means? The second the ball touches this guys hands any smart opponent is going to spam that steal button and usually strip it. Running plays where I have to pass to him to let my guards get cuts or off ball screens makes me sweat.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n Pop, maybe run him at center if you don't mind 6'11 centers.

Other Comments: So here's the problem. You can get an amethyst Dirk for free if you don't mind a bit of grinding. You can get a Spicy P, Luke Walton if you like stretches, Blake if you like offensive beast, AD if you got the MT, Karl Malone since he's pretty cheap or Ruby Dave is better actually.

Use if: You don't mind him at center

Don't use if: You don't want to pay 15k for a mediocre card

Bottom Line: MEH

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