'93 Scottie Pippen amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 74 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 65 REB

He's good because...

Written by Slevin424

There's these guys called LeBron and Giannis... actually there's a lot of good offensive SF cards and not a ton of defensive ones aside for maybe 3. LeBron's diamond card, Giannis and Kawhi's Amethyst all average defensive stats are in the 80's while Scottie here is 90's and that's a huge difference. Actually speaking of Kawhi this card is very similar to his. It's average on offense and great on defense. So imagine that card but on steroids. It has some flaws but I needed this card to clamp up LeBron and Giannis users, it did exactly what I wanted.

Bought for: 20,000 MT


  • Defense obvs: Lockdown, clamp commander, this is one of the best defensive cards I've used. I was nervous about him guarding the Greek Freak since he's 3 inches shorter but like that one time Dennis Rodman put the clamps on Shaq, sometimes size doesn't matter. Steals even against people with good ball handling, takes everyone off the dribble, shot contest is a 96 so he's making them miss even closing out on half contested layups.
  • Inside scoring: 87 vertical, 96 driving dunk, 89 layup is all nice. 70 draw foul isn't though.


  • Shooting: THIS DUDE... worst... jumpshot... ever. This is the slowest jumper I've seen. So even if he's a 77 3pt shooter you can't hit it unless you're super wide open. Mid-range again.... that jumper.
  • Strength: It's rough 58 is so disrespectful. Pippen was a beast. He doesn't get pushed around that badly but keep him at SF don't try PF.
  • Speed: Again super disrespectful cause in his prime, which this card says he's 28, he was fast. But he feels a bit sluggish with a coach boost he's at 86 speed, 77 with ball, 82 acceleration so it's not as bad as it looks on paper but trying to use him as a slasher can be a challenge. Highly recommend speed shoes.
  • Freethrow: I was bricking his freethrows and thought "what am I doing wrong" then saw his rating... which is 68. It's so bad even getting a green usually says 100% but with Scottie it says 93% and I have no idea what that means. It did that on my sapphire Shaq so it only shows up on the really bad freethrow shooters. And Scottie is definitely one of them.

Recommended Strategy: Put him on a matchup against a problem card and he'll usually put them on ice. I like putting him on T-Mac users too cause that height advantage ain't going to work with Pippen there.

Other Comments: Highly recommend picking him up when his auction house price drops. Pippen deserves a better card. This at least should have HOF defensive badges but I guess 10 gold is fine. His Block rating needs to be higher cause Pippen did have good blocking ability. He also hit 7 three pointers in a single game so 77 is a bit low.

Use if: You want to be able to defend tough SF cards

Don't use if: You're going to use him for anything else

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