R.J. Barrett sapphire card
86 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 83 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 62 REB

Truly Caught Me By Surprise

Written by donnymost68

As a Knicks fan, I knew R.J. was gonna have some cards throughout the year (mans has been ballin out and he's definitely looking like the future). That being said, this card came out (love the MOTW concept even if it was stolen from Madden/FIFA lol), and he's already a ridiculous card. Here's why...

Bought for: 6,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: His layups are pretty good; they offer a nice mix of strength and craftiness. The dunks, however, are the seller. In four games, he's been blocked on only one dunk, as he only goes for two handers and one handed tomahawks. He's only flashy you want him to be (you'll get a double clutch reverse every now and then).
  • Mid Range: I can't say R.J. is the most outstanding shooter, but for whatever reason he has a good shot rating, no steady shooter, and gold quick draw. Open shots go in very often with him and his new butter release (that shit is seriously beautiful; with better shooting ratings (and hopefully no steady shooter) he can be deadly). His fades are pretty quick, so you should learn them before going into a game (a little space and you'll be knocking them down).
  • 3PT: Occasionally, Barrett will be left open for a 3, and, again, with his new easy release, shit's easy af to knock down. When wide open, Barrett is a sniper, and he still makes his share of contested shots.
  • Athleticism: This card is decently fast, and very balanced throughout (besides his strangely low strength).
  • Playmaking: For his ball control, this card's got some nice fuckin dribbles. He's got a great momentum behind the back that creates tons of space.
  • Defense: I know that 75 Defense OVR may seem contradictory to this strength, but he's got enough perimeter defense and steal to hold his own against some very tough matchups.


  • Rebounding: 2K lowballed him on the rebounding. Man recently got 15 in a game; 62 is criminally low (should be at least 70 something).
  • Free Throw: Shit's pretty terrible tbh. Easy to time if you use meter; you're lowkey fucked if you don't.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up. For his overall style of play, he shouldn't be used as the go-to player, but instead a great role-player. He can be whatever you need for the most part.

Use if: You want a multifaceted, athletic, all around player that can seriously keep up with amethyst, diamond, and possibly pink diamond teams

Don't use if: You want a lockdown defender, a guy who can pull up in your defender's face, or unstoppable finisher

Bottom Line: I did not expect a sapphire to ever be a viable member of my team, but I'm glad it's one of my new favorite players. Hope RJ takes us places in the future, and any better version of this card will most certainly make my team.

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