'04 Jamal Mashburn diamond card
94 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 73 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 85 REB

Solid cheap diamond

Written by Slevin424

Cheap for a diamond that is. I picked this guy up since I saw his price drop and I've been impressed so far. He's killing it on the Moment Challenges where you need 35 point in a single game. He's solid all around on offense so he can hit shots, decent shooting, great inside and has decent badges to go with it. He can basically do a little bit of everything.

Bought for: 28,000 MT


  • Driving: 90 driving layup, 80 driving dunk and they had to give him a 90 standing dunk. 92 draw foul is nice too. Has good post moves for a SF and finishing badges to go with them. Use that gold dream shake and post spin to get open for shots. I'm glad they added this for him cause Mashburn was like a Kevin Durant prototype back in his prime. For a SF to hesi, spin then drive and pull up for a mid range shot in his era was something really special to see. He also liked to post up and creep towards the rim to do a standing dunk over a shorter defender. Hence that 90 standing dunk.
  • Shooting: It's okay, he's not a lethal shooter or anything but if they leave this guy open he's usually going to knock down those shots. With the right coach he can reach a 89 3pt rating. His jumpshot is a little slow, not anywhere near as bad as Scottie's. His green window takes some getting used to but he's reliable.
  • Defense: I'm actually surprised by this cause his interior D rating is 80 which is pretty good for SF. Perimeter D is ok at 79. He's not good at steals but he does stay in front his man and disrupts their shot. He has gold chase down and does occasionally block some shots too so all around he's decent on defense.
  • Rebounding: For SF ain't too bad. 86 defensive rebound and a solid 84 offensive. He grabs a good amount of offensive boards, even if he misses his own shot under the rim he'll just get it back pretty often. Gold Worm and Box.


  • Speed: I mean it's mediocre, 82 speed and 70 with ball with 75 acceleration makes being a slasher kind of rough. When Dr. J, LeBron and Lou Hudson are all around 88's and 85's. So a speed shoe is highly recommended.

Recommended Strategy: Iso works okay despite the speed, pick n roll to get mismatch and run plays to get him to cut or off-ball screens help mitigate that speed issue. Use high post up plays and work your way around your defender.

Other Comments: I'd keep him at SF unless they got a smaller PF, his interior D works well at the 3 but at the 4 that's considered average. Getting a PF to defend him takes away some of that post advantage but he will benefit from having a slower defender on him so make sure you don't create a mismatch.

Use if: You want a solid all around offensive SF with decent defense

Don't use if: Mashburn fits a lot of rosters, unless you want a pure lockdown defender.

Bottom Line: Solid card

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