Khris Middleton fire card
83 Overall
  • 64 INS
  • 82 OUT
  • 70 PLY
  • 67 ATH
  • 71 DEF
  • 55 REB


Written by Slevin424

Okay I got this from a free standard pack challenge and thought I'd sell it once it got on fire. But there's two types of fire this year, there's hot then there's blue fire. Right now this card is on fire and the offensive stats are NUTS. It doesn't get a boost on defense which sucks but 3pt, mid range and finishing inside while this thing is burning is a walking bucket. I thought maybe it just increases their stats but I swear it boost shot percentage too cause this card isn't missing shots. Just went 8 for 8 in a game coming off my bench. 5/5FG and 3/3 on 3pts. 90 3pt rating. A+ everywhere on offense and despite only having bronze range extender it was hitting from deeeep.

Bought for: Free Moment Challenge pack


  • Inside: Finishing with super tough layups that probably shouldn't have went in but they did. They even fouled me twice on shots and got AND-1 both times.
  • Shooting: Lights out when it's on fire. The overall stats on offense completely outdo my diamond Jamal Mashburn. Green contested shots. Almost felt like asking if it's a bug.
  • Perimeter D: Actually did a good job locking down their Chris Mullen which I was surprised about. But base Khris has good perimeter D stats so that's why.


  • Everything it doesn't get a boost in so basically: Defense, Rebounding, Athleticism and tendencies. So you need to be careful of that. It's basically base Khris Middleton but with insane offensive stats.

Recommended Strategy: Spam shoot! Just screen and shoot. 30 feet out? Sure! It's going in.

Other Comments: Obviously these cards don't get boost to every stat and having a base Khris Middleton against diamond cards is asking for trouble on defense and rebounding. But if you want a crazy good offensive card to come off your bench for 6k MT some of these heat check cards get insane boost when they're on fire. Just make sure you aren't sitting on a Kevin Durant heat check or Klay cause chances are they aren't playing this season. But Khris was able to come off my bench and score 21 points in barely any minutes.

Use if: It's on fire

Don't use if: If it's not on fire

Bottom Line: FIRE

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