'04 Ben Wallace pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 60 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 94 REB


Written by TheTallestMidget_

Here's the deal about the Ben Wallace card: no amount of deodorant will spare you from the immense sweat that this card brings. Off-ball cheesers rejoice; this card should be your first purchase. The headband, the afro, this card if tuff. Enough BDE to make yourself feel good about whatever you're packing behind the zipper.

Bought for: 72,000 MT w/ diamond shoe


  • SHOOTING: Many people hate this about 2k, but it is absolutely egregious that 2k gave this guy the shooting ability that he has. For a dude who wouldn't dare step behind the three point arc, his ability to shoot in this game is unparalleled. Trust me, his release is lightning fast and is so incredibly easy to green with. If anyone has played with PD Redd and enjoyed his release, I would say Big Ben feels a lot like that release. At this point in the end game, it is crucial to play with players that have large green windows and easy to use animations. Big Ben has both. Add a shoe or a coach to boost it up a bit and you've got yourself an A-tier catch and shoot guy.

  • GOD-TIER CLAMPS: I mean this is why you're getting this card. Big Ben backs down from no one, and his speed and agility combined with god-tier defensive badges and stats are spectacular to use manually or watch as your opponent succumbs to the power of CPU Ben. It's a sight to watch. This man is the perfect kryptonite against the likes of AK47, MPJ, KD.

--ANIMATIONS: This is the most important aspect of why this card is $$$. His crossover animation and quick stop are incredibly and glitchy. I really enjoy a lot of the players in the glitched set and I think these cards hold value well because of the way 2k coded their animations. Try this card out and you'll see for yourself. It's such a pleasure crossing up my opponent off of a P&R and having Ben Wallace pull up from 25 in his grill. Steezy.


  • DRIVING DUNK: Keep in mind this is minor if you have a coach and a driving dunk shoe to boost it to 88+ but Big Ben won't be consistently dunking on fools. His base stats trigger more lay up animations but I have been running him with a dunk shoe and it's gotten significantly better.

  • BACK TO THE BASKET GAME: I mean you can see his post stats, garbage. It can be used from time to time especially if you can trigger the post spin animation but I wouldn't recommend.

Recommended Strategy: P&R Maestro, Catch and Shoot, Off-ball defending

Other Comments: (optional) I would recommend running a shoe like the AJ3 with this card to boost the driving dunk to 88, trust me, you'll be able to tell the difference.

Use if: You're the type of person who isn't afraid to engage in hand to hand combat.

Don't use if: You're the type of person who would legally rename themselves 'Metta'

Bottom Line: Ben Wallace is an undervalued cheeky 3 and D demigod; especially true if you like to play TTO.

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