'98 Clyde Drexler opal card
99 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 89 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 81 REB

Elite Offensive Threat

Written by around5

A fantastic card to use if you want an elite shooting guard on your team. He can score, defend and shoot which can help you win more games in Unlimited or TTO.

Bought for: 100,000 NT


  • Inside scoring: If you want finishing Drexler is fantastic at it (hence the nickname Clyde the Glide). He dunks on mostly everyone but is terrific on the fast break. His dunk package is not overly complicated unlike TMACs so don’t be afraid if you’re going deep hatch.

  • Shooting: His jump shot is unorthodox at best but very quick so he is reliable as a catch and shoot player. With 11 HOF badges, it is undeniable that he is a good shooter.

  • Playmaking: He has Gold floor general and dimer so he can be a playmaker for you as well as your point guard. He has HOF Quick First Step so he can move quickly up and down the floor.
  • Defending: He has HOF clamps and Gold intimidator with 80 strength so he can definitely hold his ground and bump animations are likely to happen.


  • Dribble Animations: He doesn’t have the best dribble animations so try not dribble with him too much.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, he can score for you easily.

Use if: You want a scoring shooting guard.

Don't use if: You have a GO TMAC (he is a cheap alternative), GO Kobe, GO MJ etc.

Bottom Line: An offensive threat who can do anything on the floor.

This is my first review so please tell me if I’ve done well.

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