'98 David Robinson amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 51 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 81 REB

Get ready to see him a lot

Written by Slevin424

Centers with jumpshots! MyTeam players favorite cards. You'll probably also see a lot of this card since it's actually a good one. Another really solid all around type of player that can fit into any roster. My centers need to meet a check list; good defense, good post game, rebounding and can hit a mid range shot. Having a decent 3pt shot is just icing on the cake. Fun fact The Admiral achieved the rare accolade of finishing a game with a quadruple double on February 17, 1994! One of 5 players in NBA history to do so. So you know he's going to have crazy stats.

Bought for: 20,000 MT


  • Defense: Probably his best quality. 92 block, 69 steal for big, 96 shot contest and 98 interior defense. And has a really high pass perception. So any bad passes near his direction will get scooped up. Good tendencies too. 91 strength which for someone known for his dominant prowess seems meh. But with gold Moving Truck he does not get posted up easily. Got posted up against a Hakeem and he looked like he was not being budged despite having 20 extra lbs over him and Hakeem has that same badge so I guess the game goes off strength stat mainly.
  • Shooting: It's alright. He's no George Mikan, I wouldn't abuse that Pick n Pop at the 3pt line. Maybe once in a while kinda thing. With mid-range though he's a deadeye shooter. 91 mid range is nice. But ohhhh boy is shooting with lefties really weird... I use animations as jump shot meters and it feels bleh. It takes some getting use to that's for sure. But he does have silver difficult shot and catch n shoot so it's not too shabby. I've hit a few greens from 3pt range and it works.
  • Inside: So when I say inside I mean post scoring. He's pretty good in the post. 98 shot close, 91 moves, 87 hook, 88 fade. It gets the job done. I will say I love his post fade animation. Some centers get this janky slow turn around animation that's just begging to be contested every time. Admiral has a pretty fast spin so it gets the shot up nice and quick.
  • Athleticism: Using so many of these damn centers with 25 speed with ball and 40 speed let me tell you... having 80 speed, 53 with ball and 74 acceleration feels so good. He's quick for a big. I love going up against dudes using Bryant Reeves cause the Admiral can run down the court before they get back on defense and just get easy buckets. He outruns nearly every center.


  • Rebounding: So 81 offensive rebound and 86 defensive is kind of mediocre for a center. He's not a terrible rebounder but up against Tyson Chandler or Mutombo he does get out rebounded. It depends on who he's up against. He does go for putbacks despite not having the badge. I guess 81 putback tendency will do that. But he does have rebound chaser and worm gold at least. So he's got the right equipment. Against some centers he'll grab all the boards, other games he gets out rebounded by my Dirk.
  • Inside: So when I say inside here... I mean layups and dunks. 87 standing, 77 driving dunk and 77 driving layup. Pretty average stats. Again it gets the job done but I wouldn't rely on his stats to bail you out of contested shots at the rim. Some cards have crazy inside stats where contested doesn't matter, that's not him. But he's got the post moves to get him open and give decent attempts.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n Pop/Roll. I run Bucks playbook and they have some 3pt plays for bigs (probably cause of Brook) so he does come off screens really fast for a center which gives him an open look after running to the 3pt line. That 80 speed really is annoying for defenders if you're running off-ball screen shots for him. Low post plays also work fine. Take a SF slasher and put him in the lineup, drive to the rim and collapse the D, if they leave the Admiral open he's got the shooting ability to make them pay for it.

Other Comments: I really do like this card. Half the time I get a defensive rebounding center and I forget their on the team cause I don't control them much. I don't usually play bigs in 2K so they have to be really fun cards for me call plays for and want to have them carry the offense. This one is fun for sure.

Use if: You want a center who can perform on both ends of the court.

Don't use if: I guess if you have a better card?

Bottom Line: 20K for card that feels like a diamond is a sweet deal.

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    Already seen this card a couple times. It's ridiculous. My Gheorge Meuresan couldn't even come close to guarding this guy. It's crazy.


    It's a lot of fun to use, it's basically a diamond and it's cheap on the AH. I'm seeing this in everyone's lineups now.