Jae Crowder fire card
75 Overall
  • 58 INS
  • 71 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 74 ATH
  • 68 DEF
  • 54 REB

75 Jae Crowder Review

Written by Luka_da_goat

This version of Jae Crowder is very bad. 58 Inside, 71 Outside, 56 Playmaking, 74 Athleticism, 68 Defense, and 54 Rebounding. Somehow he is a 75 OVR. I do not have this player so I don't know what it is like to play as him. If anybody who is reading this knows how he is to play with please say so. He is an old player. A younger version of him would be a better overall player


  • Good Durability and that is really it

Weaknesses: -Rebounding -Not very good at stealing or blocking -He can't shoot near the hoop

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