'07 Larry Hughes diamond card
94 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 46 REB

3K Opal


He has a really good jumper and once you evolve him, you can drive as well.

Bought for: 3,000 MT

*Strengths: Driving: Once you get him evolved (even to PD) he becomes unstoppable if you get past your defender. He is really fast and almost never gets blocked.

3-Point: His jumper is as smooth as silk. I green with him constantly. Weaknesses:

Defense: He isn’t too good defensively especially if your going up against MJ’s or Kobe’s. Your not going to get steals to evolve him online

Recommended Strategy: Use him as your wing. I suggest drive and kick, or give and go, as he gets really high up on those alley’s

Use if: "You want an wing that can drive and shoot”

Don't use if: You have a god squad and you know you’ll be going up against MJ’s and Kobe’s

Bottom Line: Great Budget Wing That Is Fun To Evolve

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    what is the easiest way to evolve him to PD from diamond? Because im done everything but I havent gotten one dunk with him even when hes on the fast break...stupid 40 driving dunk


    1) Go into TTO offline using Larry and 2 other guards with high passing stats/badges.

    2) Press left on the d-pad, then square with Larry.

    3) Stand where showed, and pass to on of you guards

    4) Larry will run the other way, then drive to the rim.

    5) Alley it to Larry when he is open and near the rim. Don’t alley it’s if you know he’s contested.

    It won’t work every single time, but soon you’ll get the 20 dunks :)


    Also you have to do more dunks to get him to opal, but don’t worry. Then his dunk is a 90.


    I run quick thru sts with the nets playbook. Run to the baseline with the passer and lob it to him. It will work almost every time when he isn't tired. I also suggest using a person with Hof lob city passer and maybe dimer to pass it to him.