'88 Maurice Lucas pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 80 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 97 REB

The Mattress

Written by donnymost68

Bruh everyone is sleeping on this card. Obviously the Legacy Promos have been some of the most disliked and underwhelming packs, as they’ve been releasing players that either played too long ago for people to care, or they’re cards that have come out in every 2K annually (or if you’re Mark a Price, they’re repurposed token market cards). However, all of the cards (least from what I’ve seen) can perform rather well (I still have Mikan and he’s a beast). This Mo Lucas is seriously no exception.

Bought for: 70,000 MT (like wtf that’s it?)


  • Inside scoring: Underneath and close to the basket this card can do some real work. That 80 standing dunk feels more like a 90, and on the drive he gets some really nice animations. He also struggles very little with finishing through contact, despite lacking the contact finisher badge.
  • Mid Range: Easy, easy shot with that gold quick draw. Of course 81 isn’t the best rating, but it’s so simple to let go, and very make-able with space.
  • 3PT: He’s no sniper, but his lack of steady shooter lets his three-ball be a nice little floor spacing weapon. If a center is playing off the ball trying to camp in the paint, bringing Mo out for the shot is a good strategy.
  • Athleticism: Now ik I’m boutta lose some credibility here when I say this, or I may just sound stupid, but I run this 6’9 Mo Lucas as my center. I haven’t run into a Muresan card in a min, and I don’t have a problem rebounding or defending (I’ll get to that). That being said, for a center (you heard me lol), he’s rather fast, and pretty strong. That mobility/strength balance on a 5 is actually quite nice.
  • Post Game: Plenty here to work with. His fade (albeit slow) creates lots of space, his hooks are thrown up quickly, that drop-stepper and dream shake badge allow him nice footwork and those cheesy post spins; it’s wonderful. I truly value the post on this card.
  • Defense/Rebounding: Quick statement: I think I’m gonna start lumping defense and rebounding into one advantage if I’m referring to a big man or just anyone who’s good at both rather than make it two separate sections (to whoever may read this lmk if separate sections is better ty). Now then, holy shit. This card brings it on the defensive, and is outclassed by so few others on the boards. This is why I love him at the 5, as his HOF intimidator, moving truck, post move lockdown, and rim protector are essential badges for a center. To how I play paint defense, popular user EarvGotti has a video displaying his defensive skills, and what he does is he on-balls in man defense (and to a ridiculous degree), and he lets the CPU guard the paint. This is because good defensive centers are wildly different paint defenders when we’re controlling them. When the centers are actually left on their own, they can seriously protect the paint and grab boards. Mo Lucas thrives in these two areas, as almost any driving opponent is met with an insane contest that forced a miss for an easy board. Even someone like diamond Giannis will be met with opposition when attacking. I could truly gush about his defense for like half an hr lol. Rebounding wise, though he may not have HOF badges here, he’s still a board hound. Nice vertical and high rebounding stats (plus those gold rebounding badges) let him clean the glass.
  • Defense/Rebounding TL:DR: Mo Lucas is insane guarding the rim (when you let the CPU do it), and he can actually lock up the boards despite his lack of HOF rebounding badges
  • Size: You would think size would be a problem, but it’s not. Those HOF badges that he has specifically prevent him from getting bullied by bigger centers or PF’s. So don’t worry about having a small 5, as I don’t think you’ll be too affected (I apologize if I’m wrong).


  • Playmaking: His only glaring weakness is his inability to move with the ball, and make long passes. Weirdly enough he’s good at feeding cutters from the post, and usually he’s decent at kicking it out when in traffic. Still, once you get a board, look to pass it to someone who can dribble.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and roll/fade, operate from the post, but seriously, play him at the 5 (unless you have that PD Duncan (that card is flames)). He can hold his own and more against even the toughest bigs, and he’s a little slow to guard those SFs that play the 4. He serves way better as a paint protector than a perimeter defender (however he can defend the perimeter well if you know how to run an effective zone).

Use if: You want a weirdly cheap and athletic paint protector who doesn’t limit your floor spacing

Don’t use if: You prefer a 3 at the PF spot, need a marksman for your big, or have a better/sufficient center. Acceptable answers include PD Timmy, Opal D-Rob, Diamond Mikan, Diamond Gilmore. Unacceptable/ fuck you answers include EVO LaFrentz, Ruby/HC KAT, Sapphire Muresan (ik it’s a budget grind for some, and if that’s your case I understand, but there are tons of goated squads who find a way to five out and kill with these stretch bigs (fuck those guys)). Tbh I gotta chill w the parentheses lmao.

Bottom Line: This was a long review, so to those that read all of it for whatever reason, I truly appreciate it and would love any feedback on how to be more concise. Back to the point: This Mo Lucas card is multi-faceted, very affordable, and (I can’t emphasize this enough) a lockdown paint protector. Pick him up if you have even the slightest doubts about your center.

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