Chris Paul amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 46 REB

Must have!

Written by Slevin424

You know I had to pick up my favorite PG of all time. CP3 does work. Defense, playmaking, dribble bully and circus layups around bigs. This card is great. But most importantly of all HOF Dimer and Floor General! It's nice seeing shot percentages of your teammates. If you have some solid players like Giannis, LeBron, Luka, Mashburn, Lou or any offensive beast you need a Chris Paul. Take Lou Hudson at SG and let CP3 run a combo guard with him and that HOF Dimer and Floor General boost their stats and shot percentages like crazy. Get all the assist you can cause if you set up a dime from him your shot has a better chance of going in. Lob City with LeBron and Giannis is lethal. He can also carry some of the offensive load, running ISO dribble moves to break down defenders and drive to the rim to use that gold Bail Out and Needle Threader to set up an easy pass after the defense collapses in on you. Or use that HOF Giant Slayer to slither around bigs to get your buckets. ISO shot creator to dribble pull up after shaking the D off is fun. This is a Swiss Army knife at PG.

Bought for: 25,000 MT


  • Playmaking: As mentioned above HOF playmaking badges makes this guy a dime machine. Sets up teammates and rarely will turn the ball over. 99 ball handles and Pass IQ. 95 in accuracy and vision. HOF Floor General boost players stats, HOF Dimer boost shot percentages. Can't get better than that.
  • Defense: Clamps is my favorite defensive badge. It takes people off the dribble and stops blow by's. His perimeter defense is elite. While his interior D is actually not as bad as NVE or some of the other PGs. He also is a swiper, HOF interceptor and gold pick pocket with a 93 steal is great.
  • Shooting: I thought it would be mediocre but his shooting so far has been great. Easy green releases and a smooth jumper, he doesn't have crazy shooting badges but nearly an entire hot spot around the 3pt line and can hit them when he's open.
  • Dribble moves are solid, with gold ankle breaker he can break down defenders and utilize screens to abuse Stop n Go.
  • Inside: Layups are breezy with him having 94 driving layup, ton of layup badges with HOF Giant Slayer. Only 85 draw foul though so careful about trying to throw yourself at bigs.
  • Speed: Considering this is 34 year old CP3 I was worried they'd do him dirty on speed but a 97 isn't too bad. With a 93 w/ball. 97 Stamina means he can play solid minutes too.


  • Dunking: Not even a weakness, he just doesn't have dunks. Someone people don't like the PGs who can't dunk but his layup ability more than makes up for it.
  • 68 offensive consistency... I'm not sure what this means. I was expecting that stat to make him miss a ton of shots. He hasn't but I feel like that's something to worry about.
  • 6'0: Yeah he's one of the smaller PGs. I don't find this too big of a problem unless someone has that PG Luka or Penny card. I did play against a PG Malcom amethyst card being 6'5 but CP3 held his own and actually got him off the dribble, while getting a ton of steals off him. Magic might be a problem though.
  • Rebounding?: I guess, I don't really mind PG's who aren't good at rebounding. I rather have them run the fast break.

Recommended Strategy: Abuse that pick n roll or pop if you have a stretch. ISO, drive n pass. Screen and shoot behind the bigs worked better than I thought it would. Run plays and have CP3 facilitate the offense.

Other Comments: He has some nice 3pt plays that get him as open as possible. I did run some guard post ups since his post moves are 68 so he was able to do some nice post spins and fake drive mid range pull ups.

Use if: You need a playmaking, defending, shot creator who can do a little bit of everything.

Don't use if: You really don't like short PGs.

Bottom Line: His price is only 25k which for one of the few defensive minded PG's is not too bad. There's not a lot of good defensive PG cards out right now and a ton of good offensive PG's so this is super valuable at the moment.

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