'98 Vince Carter amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 75 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 66 REB

Decent 2 way

Written by Slevin424

So I was running Jerry Sloan to cover for my terrible defensive Nick Van Exel but also had Lou Hudson at SG... lets just say I struggled on defense. After picking up CP3 I don't have that problem anymore so I picked up VC to come off my bench and he's been solid so far. The thing that surprised me the most was his defense. He's actually not a liability on D which makes this card valuable being 6'6 and an inside player who can punish people for having poor interior D. Sometimes I run him with CP3 just to abuse ally-oops and the defense just can't do anything about it. For the price, he's a great pick up.

Bought for: 20,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: It's VC he's going to 360 dunk his way 20 points a game and hog every highlight play you can ask him for. HOF Fastbreak and boost takeover on highlight dunks can be a big advantage when he's on a weak defender.
  • Speed: 90 speed, acceleration, 95 vertical and a decent 82 with ball allows him to be a serious threat when cutting or coming off screens.
  • Defense: As mentioned earlier, his defense is pretty okay. 60 interior with gold pogo stick despite having a 55 block his tendency is 59 so he will go for them occasionally and will actually use that chase down badge. He's good on perimeter defense too being able to keep up with smaller faster SGs who try to run off ball screens. 80 shot contest means he does bother shooters too.
  • Mid-Range: Is nice when you scare the defense into collapsing the paint, if they switch to off-ball on a big to block the shot as you're coming in you can just use that gold difficult shot badge and 85 shot mid to pull up and shoot it consistently. As everyone is expecting you to 360 dunk all over the place.


  • Rebounding: It's up to you if you like SGs who can rebound, I don't mind it since Vince is supposed to run the fast break anyways.
  • 3pt shooting: He has an 87 3pt shot and 10 gold shooting badges. But he does not have quick draw, hot zone hunter, green machine or range extender which I find to be really important badges. Your best chances of hitting 3s are in the corner off a catch n shoot. That's where I found the most greens. But even then his shot release is painfully slow and hard to green. It's not the worst jumpshot but it's rough. I find this to be disrespectful as VC's game was how hard it was to defend him. You can't sag off him or he'll shoot the lights out, but you can't smother him without giving him a chance at a blow-by to damage the paint. By making him a slightly less threat at the 3pt line it hurts his offense.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n Roll combo guards with guys like CP3 will bring out the best of VC when you have a really good passer out the pick n roll or someone who can throw lobs really well. A center with brick wall will give you the best chances of driving the weak side if they don't have a good defensive player to switch on. Running plays to switch him out on slower or worse defenders to give him easy opponents to blow by or cut to the rim. ISO plays work well against people who don't have Clamps badges.

Other Comments: At the end of the day it's still VC. He's a fun card to have when you get use to him.

Use if: You want those tasty 360 dunks and a decent defender

Don't use if: You're going to play him like Klay Thompson and jack up 3pt shots.

Bottom Line: Vroom Vroom

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