Joakim Noah amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 56 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 93 REB

Board man gets paid

Written by Slevin424

Finally a defensive monster I can replace my Tyson Chandler off my bench after all this time. And he is a defensive monster. If you're having trouble with slashers Stick will be a great option to pick up. Nothing is more valuable than a glass cleaning paint defender even if he is 6'11. The height isn't much of a problem unless you're up against diamond Dikembe, rebounding up against him is always going to be trouble. But if you're looking for a solid piece off the bench who can hold things down... and you don't really use offensively minded bigs then this is a great choice.

Bought for: 5,500 MT (dirt cheap!)


  • Defense: Blocks after blocks after blocks. His vertical is impressive when going up for them too. He'll even snatch them out the air. When your big gets a block/steal it puts a statement on your opponent. I also really like his ability to switch out in the pick n roll, some bigs that's a serious issue but Jo can handle that task which is really valuable. HOF intimidator causes them to miss a lot of shots too. While HOF tireless defender keeps him on the court longer.
  • Rebounding: Again that vertical while only a 78 feels higher cause he can jump higher than the 7 footers and grab boards over them without issue. Probably thanks to HOF rebound chaser. He goes up for putbacks all the time which I love seeing cause sometimes 2K will give them gold putback but only have their tendency 50 something, his is 80.
  • PF: Running him at the 4 is a legit option since he is 6'11 if you can manage the speed. While he's not terribly slow his lateral quickness is only 64 so it's not as bad as most centers just be careful against stretch 4s. Other than that this will work to shut down mostly anyone at that position so you can have a taller offensive center.


  • Offense... just in general. It's Jo he doesn't have a jumpshot. Or I wouldn't call it a jumpshot. He does have a 92 shot close, 85 standing dunk, 79 hook and can bang in the post. He does have dropstep gold and a solid pick n roll ability should they let him roll to the rim. But yeah if you can fill 1-4 with guys who can carry the offense Jo doesn't need to put up crazy numbers. He's just going to lock down that rim and grab you boards. That's all you could want from him.
  • Free throws: Yup made it's own category. It's bad. Do not let him have the ball in crunch time if your opponent is looking to hack a Jo. Panic and throw it to literally anyone else. Anyone! Throw it to fan if possible they'll probably be able to knock it down instead of him. He has a 59 free throw rating and it's the most awkward free throw ever.

Recommended Strategy: Do what they told Robin Williams in the movie Jack, "just stand in front the rim and put your hands up." He will not give people easy buckets. Brick wall pick n roll situations are his bread and butter.

Other Comments: EVOLUTION: So... 1,500 points / 1,000 rebounds / 100 blocks / 50 games. But you'll get a 77 layup, 78 post fade, 85 hook, 95 close shot, 78 mid range, 79 free throw, 74 lat quick, 96 block, 95 standing dunk, 80 driving dunk. With HOF Rim protector, defensive leader, heart crusher, brick wall. That's a diamond Jo with 7 HOFs. If you can somehow pull off the 1500 points good luck he will turn into a monster card.

Use if: You want a DPOY MVP candidate that will be your defensive anchor.

Don't use if: You need offense

Bottom Line: It's an Amethyst for 5k MT it's not a bad deal.

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    I absolutely love Jo. He's causing me all sorts of lineup angst b/c I just don't want to replace him but all these "sexier" options have been popping up. I'm committing to him long haul in the same way I am with Bowen. They spark joy for me in my lineups.


    I'm starting Robinson just cause he's the perfect C for me. But Jo off the bench is the best. Bogut's Amy doesn't have the same defensive stats or offensive rebounding stats, Jo is way faster. He's a great option, I can't see him being replaced for a while.


    Great review!


    Good review, and I have to agree on the most part. I personally don't find his release completely unusable, so with a dimer pass you can definitely take the midrange if there are no defenders nearby.
    I have to say, this card is a beast. And I'm only 400 points and 200 rbs short of EVOing him.


    I tried setting him up with CP3 and even that didn't work. But maybe it's just me but the release feels awkward. Nice job with the Evo, once I'm done with Jrue I might go back to Jo.


    No Fucking way is he a 5 star. He gets called for a flagrant foul every game.