'00 Dale Ellis pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 79 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 84 REB

Don't sleep on this card!

Written by Minotaur5422

Dale Ellis isn't really an iso player he's kinda just a 3&D cone or 3pt hunter but a very consistent shooter and is a good price for that role(Paul George is a lowkey cone and he's like over 450k lmfao)

For a budget and cheap player Dale is a 5 star but in terms of opals that are out and everything comparing them to him he's a 4.

Bought for: 18k


  • Shooting: Too good, the mix of Kobe and Ray Allen makes Ellis's shot amazingly consistent and smooth. Honestly one of my favorite jumpshots in the game (credit to @YourMissingGOKawhi for the info for the jumpshot or else I wouldn't have even bought it)

-Defense: No-one can get by him he always makes the opponent pick up the ball and with the 80 strength, he's not the easiest to out-muscle. Dale always does extra to like boxing out (even more than Tacko) and correctly closes out the shooter that's open and always gets long rebounds . Little things like that really does make a great defense, the crazy part is that he doesn't even seem to stand out as a crazy defender like Jordan it's kinda hard to explain.


  • Dunking: It's not that bad but an 80 for this stage of the game is a little disappointing but he can still do a little something on the fast-break.

-Dribbling(sorta): Dale has the pro 3 hesi which is shifty and hard to guard but a slow behind the back and a great crossover. Overall he's not that bad but he doesn't exactly seem to explode like a Tmac or other guards. But then again, that's not really his role.

Recommended Strategy: Hit for an open shot and to guard one of the difficult players

Other Comments: His frame makes him feel bigger kinda like how Kevin Porter Jr. is 6'6 but feels 6'8, Dale is 6'7 but feels 6'9.

Use if: You want a good 3&D sharpshooter

Don't use if: You have an absolute god squad and have Paul George and Tatum or something idk

Bottom Line: Amazing value and could be used for any squad at any level

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