'74 Dave Debusschere ruby card
89 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 70 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 95 REB

Dave Doesn’t Give A Fuck.

Written by Eternal_Salty

What’s going on everybodyyyyy it’s me again. I’ve got another review for you lovely fellas and boy do I love this guy. I honestly didn’t think much of this guy when I saw him. A 9k ruby that isn’t a ‘20 center raises some eyebrows and I took the chance with my poor ass and bought him. Let me go ahead and say I think he’s fully worth it and then some.


  • Rebounding: Okay I don’t normally start the strengths off with rebounding but HOLY FUCK THIS GUY GETS BOARDS. You know that old saying, “The board man gets paid”, well if that’s right then this man is swimming in cash like he’s fucking Jeff Bezos. Small body big cock Dave will get a board over any pussy ass 7 footer that wants to go up with him. He doesn’t give a flying fuck if he’s 6’6 and the other guy’s fucking Gheorge Muresan. He goes up on that snobby little cunt bag and gives him the middle finger with the ball in his other hand. His glass cleaning takeover allows him to scumfuck anyone that wants to go up with him for that rebound.

  • Inside Scoring: This guy is very good inside with good driving and standing layups and dunks. I get a lot of buckets by him cutting with his “Nice” 69 speed and gets an easy bucket right in the paint. He doesn’t give a fuck who goes up to challenge him he’ll send them home.

  • Outside Scoring: Good for this card. He isn’t stupendously good but it isn’t bad enough to list it as an weakness. He has a smooth jumper that allows him to release quickly and wet it often.

  • Post Game: Dave must’ve been a postman before he played because this guy’s post game is insane. Fades, Hooks, Control, you name it, Dave can do it and do it well. Dave the Delivery Boy has a cute little ring to it.

-Defense: This guy is a very good defender, both inside and out. He doesn’t get bodied that often and he stays in front of the guy on the perimeter pretty well. I get a good amount of blocks and steals with him too.

  • Passing: His passing is decent. He doesn’t give it up that often, and he delievers to his teammates well. An absolute delivery boy.


  • Speed With Ball: 2k decided to be nice to him and then something came upon 2k devs mid-making this card and decided to tell my man Dave to fuck off and gave him 39 speed with ball. The guy is fucking insane except it’s so hard to drive with him because 2k said fuck you Dave and decided that 39% of 69 speed was a good idea. Don’t let him carry the ball on a fast-break. He looks like fucking Zaza on a fast break and that isn’t something to be proud of.

Other Comments: Other than not being able to run the fast-break with him carrying the ball, this guy is a beast. I love using him and fucking all over anyone with my cheesy 6’6” power forward that plays like he’s 7 foot along the glass and shoots like a guard.

Use If: You enjoy using a guy that can do it all.

Don’t Use If: He makes you too angry to use after what he did against you.

Bottom Line: Get him, he won’t let you down. He surprised me so much and I’m so happy I have him now.

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