'95 Manute Bol pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 82 OUT
  • 41 PLY
  • 69 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 98 REB


Written by Eternal_Salty

MANUTEEEE BBOOOOOL. What’s going on guys time for me to make another review just for some little kid to tell me I’m wrong because he doesn’t have (insert random badge here). Guess what little man? Manute has gold clamps and gold quick draw!!!! Is that good enough for your tiny brain? Good. Anyways I PERSONALLY think Manute is a great center, even though I run him at pf cuz gotta have Yao at center even though he’s bad bc he apparently doesn’t have clamps and centers need clamps now bc 2k is 2k like whatever. Manute is obviously juiced, but it’s some apple juice bc that shit goooood.

Bought for: idk man, some MT


  • Inside scoring: Manute’s got some pretty glitchy animations, like Muresan (I made a review on him earlier this year, you should totally check that one out too). He’ll jump up to make a layup and he’s so tall he’s at the top of backboard and just push it down and in but his animation looks like he’s pushing it up; it’s ridiculous, in basic terms. He dunks an alright amount but it feels like his standing dunk tendency is kinda low, but it’s okay bc he leaps above the backboard, takes a fat Sudanese shit on the guy under him, and scores the four foot above the rim layup.
  • Outside Scoring: alright alright who told Manute he could have 83 three and 11 shooting badges, 5 of them HOF the other 6 gold??? incoming pretentious brainlet telling me he can’t shoot bc he only has gold quick draw and gold range extender look kid this is what you look like telling me I’m wrong bc his badge is gold and not HOF https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https://www.redbubble.com/i/iphone-case/Brainlet-Meme-by-Masterchurch12/43072807.PM7U2&psig=AOvVaw0Ekf7OLVi6XdoMUEIRDBh-&ust=1592320150664000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCPjt2_mMhOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  • INTERIOR DEFENSE: Look everyone he’s practically the same as Yao he is a beast in the paint, he locks down the paint, I’m not gonna say he’s lockdown on the perimeter because he isn’t, but he isn’t a full-on vegetable defending the perimeter, he has GOLD clamps and GOLD clamps isn’t bad even though it isn’t HOF.


  • Isn’t an opal
  • Doesn’t have every badge in the game
  • Can’t carry a neck beard that needs every stat 99 and every badge to be good

Recommended Strategy: Pick and pops, corner hoe, run him at pf so he can space the floor on offense and clam up the paint on defense like a line for a Disney ride in the summer. Has only 80 strength so better at pf than center, not a weakness though

Use if: You can play the game without having the entirety of the player abilities maxed out

Don't use if: You don’t like having fun or you need every badge and stat in the game

Bottom Line: If you’re gonna tell me I’m wrong about something in this review and he’s unplayable because this stat isn’t high enough or this badge isn’t HOF or whatever, do me a favor: Turn off your phone, set it down, get up, walk up the stairs out of your clammy basement, walk outside, take a fresh breath of air, and go do something :)

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