Anthony Edwards diamond card
95 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 83 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 78 REB

Not as bad as he looks

Written by DinoDonkey

When I first pulled this card I thought he would suck, but turns out he’s a good scorer coming off my bench. I like his release, and he’s a good finisher. This cards defense is pretty crappy tho.

Bought for: Pack


  • Good finisher, not great, but definitely good at it for a diamond
  • Great shooter, love his release(base 98 so yeah)
  • Pretty good passer, again not great, but good


  • Rebounding: Not really a weakness, but not a strength
  • Dunking, can’t catch a body, usually only dunks on a fast break
  • Defense- pretty crappy

Recommended Strategy: Drive if open, catch and shoot

Other Comments: (optional) Don’t use as your star player if you are just starting out!

Use if: You want an athletic bench player who can score from anywhere

Don't use if: You need a star player, or even a starter. Or if you need good defense

Bottom Line: Get if you need a bench scorer, but nothing more

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