'10 Channing Frye emerald card
80 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 82 OUT
  • 35 PLY
  • 59 ATH
  • 62 DEF
  • 56 REB

Worth the grind to Amethyst

Written by tmad80

I was lucky enough to get this on the TTO boards, and recently finished upgrading him to Amethyst. Long story short, he plays like a much better version of the '20 Porzingas, who he replaced in my lineup.

(Written in Sept. 2019)

Bought for: Free


  • 3pt shooting: Frye has an awesome release, and consistently knocks down open and contested shots for me.

  • Rebounding: Easily pulls down 5+ a game in TTO, and 8+ in full games.

  • Blocks: Once he's upgraded, he's a beast. In the earlier evolutions, not so much.

  • Flexibility: Can play at PF or C.


  • Speed: He's unbearably slow at first, but gets much better by the time he's upgraded. Still not much with the ball, though.

  • Inside scoring: Pretty weak for a PF/C.

Use if: You want a stretch big who can rebound and block shots.

Don't use if: You like to score in the post.

Bottom Line: Great card once evolved. A good sign of things to come, since he was free.

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