'08 Eddy Curry pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 72 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 95 REB

Insanely good

Written by DinoDonkey

At this point in the game, all good centers are super expensive, but this card is cheaper and arguably even better than some of the other good centers. I’d recommend taking advantage of his 99 strength and post up, but he’s also a great shooter and has insane handles for a center.

Bought for: 40,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing, posting up, and every kind of post move
  • 3 pointers: Good release
  • Defense/rebounding : Great at post defense and good at perimeter for a center. Obviously a great rebounder
  • Handles: Good handles for a center

Weaknesses: Basically nothing

Recommended Strategy: Post up and catch and shoot

Use if: You want a big center who can do it all

Don't use if: You have a godly Frontcourt. For example, Kareem, Wiseman, Bosh, Shaq, etc.

Bottom Line: Basically a budget version of glitched Shaq

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