'11 Shaquille O'Neal opal card
99 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 83 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 99 REB

glitched shaq w d wade duo

Written by foxygrandpa

shaq is one of the best big man in the game, his size and strength is so noticeable. What some people might not noticed is that this card becomes the glitched shaq that can shoot with the pd wade duo

Bought for: 140,000


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim, amazing animations, has all the post moves and amazing dunk animations

-Athleticism: my favorite thing about this card, hes super fast and super strong, I actually like playing him at the four because he can keep up with any player, also can bully any player down low,jjst has a real thick player build

-Defense: on the perimeter or down low, this man is a clamp and can lock down anyone

-Shooting: with the d wade duo this card gets a huge boost to shooting, id still only shoot when its open but can hit 3s consistently and money from the midrange

-As I said in the d wade review, playing with opal d wade is extremely fun and you need this card for that if you arent doing collection rewards, might be the only opal d wade we get on the auction house, one of the most dominant duos in the game

-Rebounding: Hes shaq, the man eats on the glass, usually gets glass cleaner takeover

-Can speedboost!!!


  • Release: Pretty hard to time and feels a little weird, will hit when its open but hes by no means a stretch even with the duo

  • Hes a bit expensive, I think hes worth it but him and d wade were really the only big time auctionable players on my team

-Dribble animations arent great, but idk why youd want that in shaq just bully people with post moves

Recommended Strategy: eat down low and burn other big men

Other Comments: I really like this card at the 4 hes athletic enough for it and can bully almost all pfs

Use if: "You want a god rim running center Don't use if: You like pure shooting big men

Bottom Line: Him and pd wade is such a fun duo I highly recommend, look at glitch shaq and then this cards stats with the duo its basically the same, two of my favorite cards in this years game and they can run your team

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