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    If Ik the players or not:
    Klay: yes ofc
    Avery Bradley: ofc
    Stacey augment: def
    James posey: yes
    Isaac austin: can’t say I’ve heard of him
    Antonio Daniels: yup
    Henry Bibby: yup, Mike Bobby’s father if I’m not mistaken
    Eduardo najera: name sounds somewhat familiar but nevertheless I have no idea of who he is
    John Honcak: nope
    Etan Thomas: yes, but the only reason I can say that is b/c I have a basketball card of him
    Bobby jackson: dayum actually no
    Greg Anthony: yes
    Adonal foyle: nope
    Carl Landry: yes
    Myers leonard: yes
    Ig I have to do some more basketball reaserach? lol but lmk if u knew these players


    Yes I know all these players

    And also how do you not to the goat Ike Austin?


    how tf do u know klay? Did klay play in like the 1600s


    i have the same list as u except didnt know who carl landry and stacey augment


    Oh I meant to put augmon


    u dont know adonal?