Completion reward

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    This set has 3 of Troydan's least favorite players


    Here's my idea for a Double Take II pack. Tell me what you think:
    Emerald Celtics Jabari Parker
    Sapphire Clippers Bill Walton
    Sapphire Hornets Tony Parker
    Ruby Lakers Dennis Rodman
    Ruby Nets LaMarcus Aldridge
    Amethyst Knicks Penny Hardaway
    Amethyst Pelicans Christian Wood
    Diamond Heat Amare' Stoudemire
    Pink Diamond Mavericks Deron Williams
    Galaxy Opal Wizards Paul Pierce
    Galaxy Opal Rockets Scottie Pippen
    Dark Matter Cavs Dwyane Wade
    Lock-in reward: Dark Matter Wizards Michael Jordan
    what do you think?


    Rodman on the Spurs!


    T-Max on the Knicks would be good for this