• 24,000
  • 0
91 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 71 REB

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    unfunny as hell bruh, took 10 mins out of your day for this


    LeMickey stole my limited ring!

    So I was playing Limkted and I played inferno LeFraud, bc LeCarried needs all stars he was struggling. I was up by 20, LeBum rage quit and gave me the L. It’s because he can’t win a real ring, shame on you LeTrash!!


    LeMickey stole my onion rings

    So I was just chillin at Burger King with the REAL King Dwight Howard when all of a sudden LeFraud steals my onion rings. The REAL goat Daddy Dwight attempted to stop him but Kyrie and Ray Allen swooped in and saved LeCarried. Luckily, Iggy and the Warriors stopped him and gave me back the rings. I asked why LeMickey did that, it was because he can’t win a real ring! Shame on you LeBum