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91 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 78 REB

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    Your team is ok. But heres what I would do...

    1. Sell Desmond Mason unless you gave him range and replace him with someone even cheaper like Kevin Porter Jr., Quentin Richardson, or anyone else or if you are ok with grinding you can get Ray Allen (he is as easy as Donovan Mitchell)

    2. Sell Isaiah Thomas and get glitched Steve Nash

    3. Dirk HAS to go, he is outdated, get someone like glitched Dino whos 5k mt

    4. Kevin Love is okay if you like him.

    5. Definitely get Sabonis, he is a beast (replace lamarcus)

    6. Connie is preference, that is up to you

    7. Maybe get AK-47 for Mitch Richmond

    Malik, Mitchell, and Ellis are good though