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    Take Murray iverson and simons out of your lineup, sell pippen and Rodman and buy Dumas, also sell Wallace and buy draymond and klay duo


    How much would the Klay and Draymond duo cost me, and who would I have to sell for them?

    Which players should I pickup if I sell Murray, Simons, Pippen and Rodman?

    Should I sell Paul George?

    Keep in mind, I would like to run a lineup with all players playing except 1.

    Thank you very much for replying and look forward to more of your feedback.


    How much for Klay and Draymond?

    Also, I put range on Wallace, should I still sell him?

    If I take out Iverson Murray and Simons, which 2 players should I get for them?

    Should I sell Paul George, or should I keep him

    I am also almost done getting Sidney Wicks


    I think you should put rondo at the 1, klay at the 2, and c-webb at the 3 because then you have rondo's playmaking at the point, and c-webb will still lineup on the perimeter if you want to rim-rush.

    Also, i personally dont think you should sell it but i've seen that pg card go for a ton of mt to if there is another player on your mind thats always a possibility


    Any players you reccomend I should get?


    lol i dont think i know enough. If theres any way you could afford it opal paul pierce is insane. You would probably have to save up even if you end up selling pg though


    i have no idea what im talking about lmao


    yea thats true