'86 Bill Walton ruby card

General information

C / PF
6'11" (210cm)
210lbs (95kg)
Post Up Low P&R Roll Man

Hot Zones


'86 Bill Walton ruby card

89 Overall

3009 Total attr.

59 Outside scoring

  • 89 Shot close
  • 66 Shot mid
  • 26 Shot 3pt
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 78 Free throw
  • 95 Offensive consistency

86 Inside scoring

  • 68 Driving layup
  • 85 Standing dunk
  • 70 Driving dunk
  • 82 Draw foul
  • 88 Post moves
  • 85 Post hook
  • 85 Post fade
  • 98 Hands

66 Athleticism

  • 35 Speed
  • 35 Acceleration
  • 60 Vertical
  • 85 Strength
  • 82 Stamina
  • 82 Hustle
  • 60 Overall durability

57 Playmaking

  • 25 Speed with ball
  • 43 Ball handle
  • 64 Passing accuracy
  • 70 Passing vision
  • 68 Passing IQ

78 Defending

  • 85 Interior defense
  • 59 Perimeter defense
  • 88 Help defense IQ
  • 64 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 47 Lateral quickness
  • 84 Pass perception
  • 75 Reaction time
  • 69 Steal
  • 84 Block
  • 75 Shot contest
  • 90 Defensive consistency

89 Rebounding

  • 88 Offensive rebound
  • 89 Defensive rebound


Backdown Punisher

Increases the chances of a player successfully backing down their opponent

Deep Hooks

Boosts the shot percentage when shooting hooks from a deep distance


Improves a player's ability to effectively use dropsteps in the post

Pick & Roller

Increases shot percentage as the roller in a pick & roll

Consistent Finisher

Provides more explosive first steps out of tripple threat and size-ups

Pro Touch

Gives an additional boost for having good layup timing

Putback Boss

Increases shot percentage when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound



Dream Shake

Raises the chances that a defender bites when doing fakes in the posts

Lob City Passer

Improves the chances of completing a successful alley-oop pass

Needle Threader

Increases the likelihood that tough passes can get by the defense

Pass Fake Maestro

Increases the effectiveness of pass fakes

Post Spin Technician

Improves the ability of a post spin or drive to work effectively



Improves a player's ability to box out opponents

Brick Wall

Increases effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact


Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often

Moving Truck

Strengthens a defender's ability to move people around in the post

Rim Protector

Improves ability to block shots, gives boost to the Takeover meter for blocker/teammates


Allows rebounders to swim or spin around box outs more easily


Increases chances at getting steals in passing lanes

Post Move Lockdown

Improves the defender's ability to defend post moves

Rebound Chaser

Improves a player's ability to chase down rebounds

Defensive Leader

Boosts the defensive abilities of teammates when in the game

Tireless Defender

Reduces energy lost when exerting efforts on defense



  • 81 Standing dunk
  • 40 Driving dunk
  • 40 Flashy dunk
  • 25 Alley-oop
  • 64 Putback dunk
  • 6 Crash


  • 40 Driving layup
  • 33 Spin layup
  • 39 Hop step layup
  • 27 Euro step layup
  • 36 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 36 Step through shot
  • 44 Shot under basket
  • 65 Shot close
  • 22 Shot close left
  • 42 Shot close middle
  • 36 Shot close right
  • 10 Shot mid
  • 38 Spot up shot mid
  • 65 Off screen shot mid
  • 0 Shot 3pt
  • 0 Spot up shot 3pt
  • 0 Off screen shot 3pt
  • 21 Contested jumper mid
  • 0 Contested jumper 3pt
  • 7 Stepback jumper mid
  • 0 Stepback jumper 3pt
  • 64 Spin jumper
  • 0 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 0 Drive pull up 3pt
  • 0 Drive pull up mid
  • 53 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 55 Triple threat pump fake
  • 0 Triple threat jab step
  • 75 Triple threat idle
  • 0 Triple threat shoot
  • 15 Setup with sizeup
  • 10 Setup with hesitation
  • 85 No setup dribble


  • 20 Drive
  • 20 Spot up drive
  • 20 Off screen drive
  • 55 Drive right
  • 0 Driving crossover
  • 0 Driving spin
  • 0 Driving step back
  • 0 Driving half spin
  • 0 Driving double crossover
  • 0 Driving behind the back
  • 0 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 0 Driving in and out
  • 75 No driving dribble move
  • 80 Attack strong on drive


  • 52 Shoot
  • 52 Touches
  • 99 Roll vs. pop
  • 0 Transition spot up
  • 3 Iso vs. elite defender
  • 29 Iso vs. good defender
  • 44 Iso vs. average defender
  • 88 Iso vs. poor defender
  • 99 Play discipline

Post game

  • 65 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 45 Post face up
  • 45 Post back down
  • 60 Post aggressive backdown
  • 85 Shoot from post
  • 50 Post hook left
  • 85 Post hook right
  • 85 Post fade left
  • 85 Post fade right
  • 15 Post up and under
  • 10 Post hop shot
  • 10 Post step back shot
  • 50 Post drive
  • 40 Post spin
  • 55 Post drop step
  • 33 Post hop step


  • 20 Dish to open man
  • 50 Flashy pass
  • 0 Alley oop pass


  • 26 Pass interception
  • 29 Take charge
  • 29 On-ball steal
  • 85 Contest shot
  • 85 Block shot
  • 60 Foul
  • 58 Hard foul

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    he's still alive, he's a commentator for college basketball games




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    Why did they give him a celtics card give him a blazers card


    Never heard of this dude. Probably averaged like 6 ppg. 2k should of gave a card in this set to someone deserving of one like Cody Zeller.


    How have you never heard of Bill Walton, arguably the best Blazer Ever


    dame, clyde

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    Dame, Never wona championship with the blazers, unproven in the finals
    Clyde, yes he was great, but he was in his prime inside of Houston
    Bill:2× NBA champion (1977, 1986)
    NBA Finals MVP (1977)
    NBA Most Valuable Player (1978)
    2× NBA All-Star (1977, 1978)
    All-NBA First Team (1978)
    All-NBA Second Team (1977)
    2× NBA All-Defensive First Team (1977, 1978)
    NBA Sixth Man of the Year (1986)
    NBA rebounding leader (1977)
    NBA blocks leader (1977)
    No. 32 retired by Portland Trail Blazers


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