Zion Williamson dark_matter card
99 99 98 96 96 96 96 94 90 90 85 84 84 84

Zion Williamson

Premium / Pantheon: All-Star

General information

6'6" (198cm)
285lbs (129kg)
Dynamic Duo
99 R.J. Barrett
P&R Roll Man Post Up Low 3 PT

Hot Zones


Zion Williamson dark_matter card

99 Overall

3741 Total attr. +17

94 Outside scoring +3

  • 98 Shot close
  • 95 Shot mid +3
  • 94 Shot 3pt +4
  • 85 Shot IQ
  • 95 Free throw
  • 98 Offensive consistency

96 Inside scoring

  • 98 Driving layup
  • 99 Standing dunk
  • 99 Driving dunk
  • 97 Draw foul +2
  • 95 Post moves
  • 94 Post hook
  • 94 Post fade
  • 98 Hands

97 Athleticism

  • 96 Speed
  • 96 Acceleration
  • 98 Vertical
  • 98 Strength
  • 97 Stamina
  • 97 Hustle
  • 80 Overall durability

87 Playmaking +1

  • 94 Speed with ball
  • 94 Ball handle +3
  • 90 Passing accuracy
  • 74 Passing vision
  • 90 Passing IQ

90 Defending +1

  • 94 Interior defense +3
  • 92 Perimeter defense
  • 94 Help defense IQ
  • 71 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 95 Lateral quickness
  • 95 Pass perception
  • 80 Reaction time
  • 92 Steal
  • 97 Block +2
  • 80 Shot contest
  • 90 Defensive consistency

97 Rebounding

  • 97 Offensive rebound
  • 97 Defensive rebound
07/09/21 (Viewing) 99 PF SF 96 94 87 97 90 97
03/05/21 99 PF SF 96 94 87 97 90 97



Boosts the ability to hit high degree of difficulty layups

Backdown Punisher

Increases the chances of a player successfully backing down their opponent

Consistent Finisher

Provides more explosive first steps out of tripple threat and size-ups

Contact Finisher

Improves the ability to convert contact layups and dunks in traffi

Cross-Key Scorer

Boosts the shot percentage for layups when moving across the paint


Improves a player's ability to effectively use dropsteps in the post

Fancy Footwork

Improves a player's ability to beat defenders with an advanced layup or dunk gather

Fastbreak Finisher

Boosts player's Takeover meter when completing a dunk on a fastbreak

Giant Slayer

Heightens the effectiveness of layups over taller defenders

Lob City Finisher

Improves the chances of completing a successfull alley-oop dunk/layup

Pick & Roller

Increases shot percentage as the roller in a pick & roll

Pro Touch

Gives an additional boost for having good layup timing

Putback Boss

Increases shot percentage when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound

Relentless Finisher

Reduces the fatigue effects from continually finishing at the rim with contact


Boosts team's Takeover meters after completing a highlight play

Slithery Finisher

Improves a player's ability to avoid contact when attacking the rim

Deep Hooks

Boosts the shot percentage when shooting hooks from a deep distance


Catch & Shoot

Boosts the chance of hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch

Corner Specialist

Gives a boost to shots taken near the corner

Hot Start

Improves player's shooting ability after making first shot until a miss occurs

Tireless Shooter

Improves a player's ability to make shots when fatigued

Volume Shooter

Boosts shot percentages as shot attempts accrue throughout the game

Clutch Shooter

Increases the ability to knock down shots in clutch moments

Deep Fades

Improves the chance of making a post fadeaway from deep range

Difficult Shots

Improves the ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble

Flexible Release

Reduces the penalty suffered from mis-timed jump shot releases

Green Machine

Increases the bonus given for consecutive excellent releases

Hot Zone Hunter

Boosts the shot percentage for attempts taken in a player's favorite spots

Ice In Veins

Improves a player's free throw percentage during the critical moments

Pick & Popper

Elevates the shot percentage for an attempt taken off a pick and fade situation

Pump Fake Maestro

Decreases the penalty that comes from shooting after pump fakes

Range Extender

Extends the range from which a player can effectively shoot

Slippery Off-Ball

Strengthens the player's ability to get the open off the ball



Increases overall speed with the ball in transition

Pass Fake Maestro

Increases the effectiveness of pass fakes

Post Spin Technician

Improves the ability of a post spin or drive to work effectively

Quick First Step

Provides more explosive first steps out of tripple threat and size-ups


Reduces the chances of getting stripped by the defender

Bail Out

Increases the chances of successfully completing a pass from mid-air

Break Starter

Improves a player's ability to make effective outlet passes after grabbing a rebound


Boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after catching a pass

Dream Shake

Raises the chances that a defender bites when doing fakes in the posts

Floor General

Teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus when player is in the game

Handles For Days

Reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves

Needle Threader

Increases the likelihood that tough passes can get by the defense

Space Creator

Improves a player's ability to create space from defender

Stop & Go

Improves a player's ability to start and stop with the ball

Tight Handles

Improves a player's ability to break down their defender



Improves a player's ability to box out opponents

Brick Wall

Increases effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact

Chase Down Artist

Raises the chances of getting a chase-down block


Boosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter

Heart Crusher

Decreases opponents' Takeover meters when achieving a highlight play on defense


Increases chances at getting steals in passing lanes


Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often

Moving Truck

Strengthens a defender's ability to move people around in the post

Pogo Stick

Improves the ability to attempt multiple blocks in succession

Post Move Lockdown

Improves the defender's ability to defend post moves

Rebound Chaser

Improves a player's ability to chase down rebounds

Rim Protector

Improves ability to block shots, gives boost to the Takeover meter for blocker/teammates

Tireless Defender

Reduces energy lost when exerting efforts on defense


Allows rebounders to swim or spin around box outs more easily

Lightning Reflexes

Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system while playing defense

Off-Ball Pest

Improves a player's ability to bump and harass the offense off the ball

Pick Dodger

Improves a player's ability to navigate through screens effectively on defense

Pick Pocket

Improves a player's ability to steal the ball from a ball handler


Makes life difficult for the offensive players when trapped


Warm Weather Fan

A player who prefers living in a warm climate


  • 100 Standing dunk
  • 100 Driving dunk
  • 100 Flashy dunk
  • 100 Alley-oop
  • 45 Putback dunk
  • 5 Crash


  • 80 Driving layup
  • 10 Spin layup
  • 10 Hop step layup
  • 10 Euro step layup
  • 5 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 40 Step through shot
  • 56 Shot under basket
  • 30 Shot close
  • 27 Shot close left
  • 51 Shot close middle
  • 22 Shot close right
  • 5 Shot mid
  • 55 Spot up shot mid
  • 25 Off screen shot mid
  • 20 Shot 3pt
  • 75 Spot up shot 3pt
  • 5 Off screen shot 3pt
  • 25 Contested jumper mid
  • 0 Contested jumper 3pt
  • 0 Stepback jumper mid
  • 0 Stepback jumper 3pt
  • 0 Spin jumper
  • 0 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 0 Drive pull up 3pt
  • 0 Drive pull up mid
  • 5 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 5 Triple threat pump fake
  • 5 Triple threat jab step
  • 50 Triple threat idle
  • 0 Triple threat shoot
  • 0 Setup with sizeup
  • 0 Setup with hesitation
  • 0 No setup dribble


  • 15 Drive
  • 55 Spot up drive
  • 65 Off screen drive
  • 50 Drive right
  • 0 Driving crossover
  • 0 Driving spin
  • 0 Driving step back
  • 0 Driving half spin
  • 0 Driving double crossover
  • 0 Driving behind the back
  • 0 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 0 Driving in and out
  • 99 No driving dribble move
  • 65 Attack strong on drive


  • 80 Shoot
  • 75 Touches
  • 75 Roll vs. pop
  • 5 Transition spot up
  • 0 Iso vs. elite defender
  • 0 Iso vs. good defender
  • 10 Iso vs. average defender
  • 20 Iso vs. poor defender
  • 75 Play discipline

Post game

  • 15 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 55 Post face up
  • 15 Post back down
  • 5 Post aggressive backdown
  • 65 Shoot from post
  • 45 Post hook left
  • 69 Post hook right
  • 23 Post fade left
  • 45 Post fade right
  • 35 Post up and under
  • 35 Post hop shot
  • 35 Post step back shot
  • 0 Post drive
  • 0 Post spin
  • 0 Post drop step
  • 18 Post hop step


  • 25 Dish to open man
  • 5 Flashy pass
  • 0 Alley oop pass


  • 100 Pass interception
  • 0 Take charge
  • 89 On-ball steal
  • 100 Contest shot
  • 100 Block shot
  • 5 Foul
  • 5 Hard foul

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    idk bout yall but im not a fan of the simple '99' rating instead of a glowing opal like in 2k19. idk, maybe its just nostalgia at work but the premium 'opal' cards just felt soo elite and special back then. now, its like: 99


    stop spittin you're overloading my computer with facts


    im sure they are gonna be adding a dark matter gem soon


    Yes I’m sure


    ur kinda right




    mtc doesnt have a dm gem yet; q hasnt given it to them or they just didnt add it incase it wasnt the right gem


    they could just make one. Add a galaxy background and that's it

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    ok so q said that he gave it to them but tupacs too lazy to implement them


    why don't q just put them in?


    q cant edit the site he just makes the gems for mtc




    dark matter gems MIA


    With those cards the online gameplay is officially broken. I played in limited 2 times against him. He just pushes your Center away, scores many badly timed shots, and if he does score, he will draw the foul. Zion is unstoppable if you don't have GO AD. Pay2(k)Win


    this player is not ruby tim legler


    Beware! Zion is the face of the NBA and makes them hundreds of millions each year. We have about one year I'd say, maybe 2 max, maybe 6 months, untill ZioN is GOAT in 2k. After one full season (or even half a season of him at 25ppg 10+rpg 4+spg 1.5spg 1.0 bpg at his high efficiency he will be the 2k BEAST like a few others have been. Remember Yao? Yes he was 7'4" and great when healthy, he rarely was healthy... But made the NBA hundreds of millions of dollars. Billions maybe. He was rated high quick.. but also was a video game giant inside with his shooting touch and 7'4" size. Somehow his defense was never the mediocrity it was in his career though. He couldn't move laterally... But it didn't matter. From 2005-2010 in all those 2ks I remember half the games I played online were against houston as everyone cheesed with Yao inside n midrange. He'd anchor D and block 5 shots too. Reality was Yao could never play great D, most guys 7'1 to 7'6 would block 4-8 shots a night if playing 32 minutes a game..... Of course that never mattered to 2k.... I hater it and was often the lAkers my home team, Bynum couldn't stop Yao from going for 45 and 25 in those 2k8 days, Yao would always score more than half the points of those rockets but he was unstoppable. Pick and roll with Tmac and Yao was impossible to guard. Then Lebron was born. He could shoot at 6'8 but was a 2 way monster... By nba 2k9 he was the best, and 2k10-15 the NBA 2K GOAT. He deserved it.. he's amazing talent. But 2k always let his rating be high, but his animations, strength, badges or skills over the years were insane. He was unstoppable. His mediocre 3pt shooting then was never a weakness in 2k. Or his mediocre FT shooting. His defense was good in reality not great to DPOY level like games made him. He was 40/15/10 glory in those 2k10s online. 40 of those 60 team points. Just like Yao, LEBRON made them hundreds of millions in that span and still does. Yes he's still one of the best players in the world. But I'm 2009 he wasn't a lock defensive anchor nor a 3pt shooter. Didn't matter for 2k... But ZION will become gOD of 2k in about a year or so, and very possibly the face of the next 2k22 game. If he plays 25 more games at the same or higher level of efficiency he will become a 90-95 overall God by 2k22, though I'm sure that 2k21 will have a huge update after the nba season starts in the fall. But we all need to brace ourselves. Zion will be a god. You take the fact he is already an all-star caliber player of quality that needs to only improve his shooting (which isn't as big a deal for a PF like himself that can jump and run out of the gym), he will improve. His nonexistent defense to not get in foil trouble will turn into above average defense that is all he needs to become. Though potentially could be a threat on both ends as he acclimated to pace. If Zion could very possibly come out a polished and game impacting 25-30ppg 12rpg 5apg 2spg 1bpg 57%FG in 33mibutrs or so a night. And he doesn't need to improve or shoot 3s to do that. If he can reliably shoot 35% or better from shooting open threes the 4-5 open looks he can take them with confidence. Anything higher than 33% is a positive shooting deep. He can easily be 40% in time. 6 months, or 2 years. Either way he'll be a 95 overall with his huge body and strength and athleticism with those long arms and 45" vertical. But he has high bball IQ like a veteran, he's improved rapidly already. His shots only getting better each month... Each day. This guy is the face of the NBA already after 25 games. He's already up with Lebron in terms of pure fans drawn from their likeness. Zion can jump over you, jump through you, or even hopstep floater or fade on you with finesse. His free throw will go from weakness to a strength. 75% at the least. By then he's a 96 overall with 50 badges Hof. Zion is a great defender. But he's also a great/elite scorer and slasher and creator for himself and others. As a #1 option from day 1 in the NBA (very few NBA stars know what it's like, KG great example), offense running through you half the time or more on the court. You only have so much energy as a human. As well as personal fouls dictating defensive aggression, when you need to score 25 a night you can't be in foul trouble. Zion has quickly learned this and will master the balance beter with time and games played. But he will always need to be on the court for 35 minutes a night thus not be the defensive anchor he could be. Jordan had Pippen to guard the best perimeter guy. Kobe n Shaq had Rick Fox. Lebron and wade even had Battier. By 2k22, I bet 5 months after it's release we are all on here sick of how unstoppable Zion base roster player truly is. Online verses matches will be half Pelicans ran squads. Much like the recent Ben Simmons PG Philly squad lineup being the GOAT to match Bucks. Zion will go for 40 of 60 points, grab 12-15 boards, dish 7 dimes, snag 4 steals and block 3 shots contesting another 8 to miss. Hell rebound and go full court with his handle, speed, size and strength, go behind the back at half court to attack dribble eurostep cross key to a gather and explosive dunk. When guarded well he will pump fake and then float a ball in an majority of the time. Hell jump over and through your defense as I try to charge draw but instead blocking foul and one opportunity. I want to come here in 18-36 months and know I was right about this. Zion will be God and goat in 2k earlier than we thought, and it's going to last year's, maybe more. If Zion plays 25 more games at a level even better than his first 25 we are doomed. Zion can do everything. There's no true weakness. While his 3pt shooting needs to get better, we forget he's a power forward, hell a small ball lineup he will play Center in, and has more fans than most the other NBA AllStars who are 10 year vets. Zion Williamson - 6'6" PF/C 270lbs freakish wingspan, freak vertical, freak speed+strength combo 97 Overall Rating 40 HOF badges 25 Gold badges 7 Silver badges 5 bronze badges 99 driving dunk 99 standing dunk 95 shot close 95 Shot inside 90 driving layup 75 mid range 75 3pt 76 FT 90 post hook 90+ post moves 80+post fades 85+ ball handle 90 speed with ball 85 pass accuracy 80 pass vision 99 shot IQ 95 offensive consistency 85 def consistency 91 lat quickness 98 offense awareness 85 def awareness 80+ help D iq 80+ reaction time 71 permiter D 88 interior D 75+ steal 75+block 99 hands 90+ offensive rebound 90+defensive rebound 99 hustle 88 speed 90 quickness 96 vertical 95 stamina 99 strength 90+dunk tendency At his freight train size and insane foot speed, agility quickness and power to compliment the skills and ball handling ability he has to match his hoops IQ and passing, he's a freak. Grabbing a defensive board with him will result in a fastbreak finish by Zion or whoever he dishes to on the attack with numbers. I'm actually surprised he's not more unstoppable already. I almost find it disrespectful he's an 84 and average animations n physics with him. Other 22 and 7 guys like Jay Brown, Siakam, DeRozan, Griffin, even Julius Randle I am as good with on 2k. I know it was only 22 games but I watched 20 of them and he's a stud... 22 and 6 in what always felt like 2/3 an actual game with him. We are lucky his PD Card from last year's myteam isn't his stock card yet. Haha.
    Also what happened to Russell Westbrook the Triple Double God, or Wilt The only player to ever hit 100 points in a game and average 50pts per game and 25.7 trb per game. Or Harden almost the most Unguardable player in the world. Or Jordan the man that changed the nba. Or Kareem/Karl Malone the top 2 points a game, plus Kareems Skyhook. Or Bill Russell most championships by a player/averaging 24.7 trbs per game also once averaging 18.9pts per game. Or Oscar Robertson the first Triple Double God. Or Moses Malone



    Please, I'm on Xbox and I have just begun, help me with some tips on my lineup, i would really appreciate. Thank you very much :)


    What’s the best Dark Matter?


    Why does this card look so bad


    Any suggestions for my lineup I really want the best team possible. Thanks! https://2kmtcentral.com/21/lineups/111509/my-nms-team


    wtf ffix this silver you sona bitch


    He definitley doesnt deserve it hes kinda overrated hes a good player but he does not deserve a dark matter MJ does but HE ONLY PLAYED 2 SEASONS kobe,LBJ,bill russel,wilt the stilt chamberlain,kareem,magic and the goat AD and they dont even get dark matter 2k is retarded


    Those are the first 2 cards. Next season we will most likely have a dark matter card in almost every pack.
    However, I don't like that it goes so rapidly right now. Zion is OP.


    but also was it a good idea for me to pick MJ over zion?


    For me the dark matter cards are too early in the game. Zion can hardly be defended. This card basically has no weakness. Elite defender, elite drunker, elite 3 point shooter, can push other away with his strength.
    The reward cards of season 1 to 3 were the best in the game for several weeks. Kawhi is still a very good card, but they basically already released a better card, KD, straight at the first day. This is too fast.
    It is also weirded to release them 1 day before the 250k finals. Did they allow to use those cards in the finals?


    Zion WIlliamson's career highs so far:
    Points: 36 (12/2/2021, 130-143 L vs Mavericks)
    Rebounds: 14 (25/12/2020, 98-111 L vs Heat)
    Assists: 8 (16/3/2021, 124-125 L vs Blazers)
    Steals: 5 (27/12/2020, 95-98 W vs Spurs)
    Blocks: 3 (1/2/2021, 118-109 L vs Kings)


    next up in 2k23, 92 overall pink diamond dave debusschere


    guys i really need help with what players to get. anything is appreciated https://2kmtcentral.com/21/lineups/147461/nms-suggestions#comment-2719221


    first card in the game with 40+ HOFs, we really got zion as our T-1st dark matter lol 2k loves him


    we're approachbing the Goat promo already


    probably something close, we probably gonna see guaranteed diamond+ packs in season 6

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    Hey guys i need help revamping my lineup. I am about to sell my pd howard and dm kareem for new centers. Right now I have 400, 000 mt to spend any suggestions on how to make my lineup better.





    I hate "first" comments but this is historic, first 2kmtc comment on a dark matter card


    yeah, lmao


    Should I add blinders to him?


    weird, why is the overall gray?


    ZION iS THE NEXT LEBRON!!!!!! W!!!!!!!!!


    So Zion gets a dark matter before DeRozan??? I like Zion and all but 2K has to get off this man's dick


    he is the cover athlete though.. i like derozan more too but zion was 2ks star baby


    So then where is kobe and pillars dark matter cards

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    dont worry theyre coming to the game soon


    Why the fuck does this fat fuck get a dark matter card before Zeller even gets a pink diamond? This guy is literally a bust! I hope he has a career ending achilles injury! Fat bitch.


    best bust ive ever seen


    shut up tim legler is better


    before zeller even gets an emerald you mean lmao


    Shut the fuck up bronsexual.


    Your literally white stfu

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    And? You shut the fuck up, BUTTHOLE.