Eric Gordon ruby card
89 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 72 DEF
  • 38 REB

Eric Gordon - Budget Beast

Written by SpursNationFTW

2k has been a mess to start the year, but finally they seem to be turning the corner here with their updates. This is my first review for 2k21 and I could not have asked for a better card to review! The TL;DR of this post? Budget God, 2k MT, Must buy, Must try.

Bought for: 2,000 MT


  • Catch and shoot - He has a 93 Shot 3pt which is great, but the best thing about him is his release. His button, meter-on green window feels very large and natural so you should green with him a lot. A lot of players will shoot 2s if you are too close to the line. I have yet to have that problem with Eric Gordon, if he is close to the line he will slide his feet back EVERY time.

  • Driving - Most cards this early can either shoot or drive, your choice, unless you want to spend 50k+ on a Diamond or Pink Diamond. This card can do it all on offence for only 2k MT. He has a 92 Speed and Acceleration and an 85 Speed with Ball and an 86 Ball handle (speed boost!). He is constantly running on the fast break and getting wide open dunks and layups.

  • Badges - He has more than enough badges to be an elite finisher and shooter, especially this early, and at 2k MT this card is a steal. Gold Catch and Shoot, Silver Range Extender, Gold Quick First Step, Gold Downhill and much more. Great pickup.


  • Height - He is 6'4 so he is a bit small for a SG or SF, but you should only play him at SG and he shouldn't have much of a problem. Just have help defense ready. At least they gave him an extra inch over his Gold card!

  • Defense - This is where the budget aspect of this card comes in. He has 0 defensive badges and does get beat a fair bit on defense. He can't get Clamps but he can get intimidator, but that is kind of expensive and defeats the whole "Super budget" aspect of this card. Try to hide him on defense and be ready to help when he gets beat on the drive.

Recommended Strategy: Let him score naturally. He will cut a lot, and he will spot up a lot, and he can drive. Make sure you look for him, but do not force it. He is also a great player to use for challenges where you need to score a lot.

Use if: You want a budget beast who can do anything on offense.

Don't use if: You are a high roller who uses all expensive cards, or you need tall players.

Bottom Line: If you are new, this should be your first pick up ASAP. He is amazing at shooting and driving. While he doesn't belong in a god squad, he is a VERY solid alternative. He is only ~2k MT so he is worth trying out for EVERYONE.

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