Klay Thompson amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 53 REB

Klay the C O N E

Written by Nba2kGod11

Klay Thompson cards are like literally the definition of cones in this game, he can play amazing defense and shoot lights out. This Amy is no different he can give your team a huge boost.

Bought for: 40k MT


  • Shooting: Straight up, one of the best shooters in NBA2K21 MyTeam. Not only 95 3pt but Klay also has so, SO many shooting badges. Important ones include HOF Catch-and-Shoot(he'll mostly be taking these kind of shots), Gold Difficult Shots, flexible release, green machine, silver corner specialist, deadeye, hot-zone hunter(hot zones from 3pt range except one from the wing), and RANGE EXTENDER. Range is really useful on him; just watch Tydebo's Diamond Magic gameplay, it literally turned into the Klay show when the guy played zone and Klay was sinking 3s from way deep. His release is so money too. Simply an unbelievable shooter.

  • Defense: Klay has 90 perimeter defense with 95 lateral quickness along with Gold CLAMPS, Intimidator, and pick dodger. Nothing really else to be said, he's an elite defensive card.

  • Quick for a Klay card and that's huge. 82 speed and acceleration with 78 speed w/ball isn't exceptional but it's good enough considering the shooting and defense this guy will give you. Another thing is he has incredible dribble sigs of Pro 2 tween and Pro 6 BtB.

  • Can dunk just a little bit with 65 driving dunk + 80 driving dunk tendency. 85 driving layup ain't too bad either. Not an incredible finisher but can get it done when needed nonetheless.


  • No Finishing Badges so I don't recommend going to the basket with him

  • No Playmaking Badges(other than useless stop-and-go bronze) so not a great slasher although he has decent speed

  • Gold Steady. Klay cards seem to always have this badge, fortunately it's not as bad this year.

  • If you're not careful there still might be the glitch where he matches up to Centers... I think it's fixed for the most part though.

Recommended Strategy: Use as a cone, occasionally on the break you could try dribbling with him because of his amazing sigs but otherwise just a 3-and-D card.

Other Comments: Is he worth the tactical upgrade over Ruby Klay? I'm not sure... if he drops in price a little more maybe. I wouldn't pay more than 15k for this upgrade.

Use if: You want one of the best cones in the game.

Don't use if: You need a SG to handle or hate Steady or don't have enough MT

Bottom Line: This card is a little overhyped right now but once he drops in price he'll be a great pickup for your team.

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