'12 Chris Bosh sapphire card
86 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 46 PLY
  • 69 ATH
  • 74 DEF
  • 81 REB

Great Budget Center.

Written by Nba2kGod11

When I saw this card at first I didn't think he would be anything special considering they nerfed his release. But for near discard value Bosh is actually pretty effective, and good for budget ballers.

Bought for: 1k MT


  • Good shooting for a big man. 79 3pt and 87 mid-range but it feels a lot higher. Badges like Gold Catch-and-Shoot, Corner Specialist(key if you're running a 5-OUT, he'll hit consistently from here), Flexible Release and Green Machine.

  • Screen Plays: Running both pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops are effective with Bosh because he has pick-and-popper and pick-and-roller both on gold. Gold lob-city finisher too so he can be a lob threat. Bosh can take advantages of mismatches down low as well.

  • Post Scoring: This card has the two most important post badges in the game in Gold Post-Spin Technician and Dropstepper. Also comes with an 80 post hook and 87 post fade. He can bully non-centers in the paint.

  • 80 interior defense with bronze Rim Protector

  • Good rebounding stats and he's 6'11


  • Slow but then again he's a sapphire center.

  • Not the best defender with lack of badges and 67 strength

  • Bosh's release was quick and money last year, in 2K21 it's slightly nerfed. Slow, decently easy to time but might get contested.

Recommended Strategy: Pick-and-Pops all day, get him open catch-and-shoot opportunities. Take advantage of any mismatches too.

Use if: You're on a budget and want a big man who can space the floor a little and work the post.

Don't use if: You have more MT or need good defense and athleticism.

Bottom Line: If you're just starting out the game, pick this guy up!!

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