'74 Willis Reed amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 77 OUT
  • 51 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 88 REB

Underrated Big Man

Written by Nba2kGod11

At first glance this card looks pretty bad, but he's actually a beast. If you need a Center since there aren't too many great budget ones he can fit into your team.

Bought for: 9k MT


  • Mid-Range Shooting: A center that can knock down the mid-range jumper consistently is always crucial. Willis Reed has an 85 mid-range with silver catch-and-shoot. He even has Base 22 which is money(Sleepy Floyd/Mitch Richmond base). This helps a lot and prevents paint-sitting.

  • Screen Plays: He has Gold Pick-and-Popper and Pick-and-Roller with Gold Brick Wall. He is a lob threat on the roll with Gold Lob-City Finisher. Overall what I'm saying here is running plays with him as the screener can be very effective.

  • Post Scoring: The sheer amount of badges this guy has that help him work the post is absolutely insane. Gold Backdown Punisher, Post-Spin Technician(OP move), Dropstepper(OP move), and Gold Deep Hooks. Stats are elite too with a 90 post hook and 86 strength. If he was just a little taller this dude would be up there with the most unguardable forces down low in the game.

  • Finishing: Fantastic dunking, very athletic. 85 driving and standing dunk with great dunking tendencies, he'll throw it down a ton. 85 driving layup with key finishing badges like Gold Contact Finisher, Pro Touch, Silver Acrobat, and Fancy Footwork too.

  • Defense: He's an incredible inside presence with 92 interior defense and 88 block. Gold Intimidator is so important considering he's undersized at C; also has badges like Gold Moving Truck, Post-Move Lockdown, and Rim Protector. The defensive tendencies are insane, 87 contest and block shot with 21 foul. If he was just a little taller... No one would be scoring on this man inside.

  • Rebounding: 88 rebounding stats with Gold Rebound Chaser and Worm. He is 6'9 unfortunately but makes up for it with a 7'1 wingspan.

  • 70 speed and acceleration isn't half bad for a Center


  • 6'9 at C; that's by far his biggest weakness

  • 54 3pt, can't shoot from the outside

Recommended Strategy: Run pick-and-pops and hope he pops to the mid-range area, he'll hit the shot. Also do pick-and-rolls, he can take advantage of mismatches for easy points.

Other Comments: I don't know why I'm doing a review on this card this late but he just seemed kinda underrated.

Use if: You want a good all-around Center.

Don't use if: You need a center that can shoot 3s or just be a giant.

Bottom Line: A good card in my opinion.

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