Stephen Curry pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 52 REB

look at curry man

Written by Dylzy05

lads, lads, lads, i got him, it was a hell of a grind but he is a amazing card no matter your playstyle

Bought for: FREE! 150,000xp yes it is possible for NMS players but it takes like 70 hours or more


  • Shooting: its curry, if you don't think curry is the best shooter of all time there is something wrong with you, he has a 98 3 pointer, a 93 midrange and a 90 close shot. HE WILL NOT MISS IN TT OFFLINE. he has the curry base and upper which is quite quick but once you get use to it its good especially off the dribble. this card makes triple threat challenges, domination and any other mode so much easier. he has HOF range, catch and shoot, difficult shots and green machine, he also has gold clutch shooter, corner specialist, flexible release, hot start, hot zone hunter, ice in veins (doesn't really matter), pick and popper (on a pg?????), pump fake maestro, slippery off ball and tireless and volume shooter. he shoots about 85% for me from deep in tt offline with hardly any greens.

  • Finishing: he has the steph curry layup package which is arguably the best in the game, he also has a 97 driving layup which is amazing and a 65 driving dunk which is okay but if he gets a lane to the basket he will dunk it, he has HOF slithery finisher with gold consistent finisher, acrobat, contact finisher, cross key scorer, fancy footwork, giant slayer, pro touch, relentless finisher and tear dropper, he can also get backdown punisher(why 2k) along with every other finishing badge apart from showtime for some reason not that it matters.

  • Slashing: he has HOF tight handles with gold QFS, ankle breaker, downhill, handles for days, unpluckable, he also has 92 speed, speed with ball and acceleration (which combined with QFS and a great layup package makes him almost unstoppable), 98 ball handle with the pro 2 crossover which is good and the pro 2 BTB which i think is good (i rarely use it so idrk)

  • Playmaking: he has gold floor general, bail out, lob city passer, dimer, flashy passer(irrelevant) and silver break starter and needle threader

  • Defending: he has gold clamps, interceptor, lighting reflexes, pick pocket, pick dodger and a 76 on ball steal and 70 pass perception tendency which is okay. He can also get INTIMIDATOR, chase down artist (irrelevant on a 6'3 pg), defensive leader, heart crusher, off ball pest, trapper, rebound chaser. he has 84 perimeter and 60 interior defense with 92 steal, 89 lateral quickness and a 47 block which doesnt matter on a pg, the only problem on defence for him is he is only 6'3 which still means he will get dunked on a bit( i learnt that against pd jaylen brown in the tt challenges)


nothing major just only 48 offensive and 53 defensive rebounding, 47 block, 35 post hook, 52 post fade, no intimidator at base, 6'3 with a 6'3 wingspan is alright but could be better (none of these matter that much but i need to add something here)

Recommended Strategy: ANYTHING

is it worth it: if you have the time hes a great card and helps lots in any mode, its at least a 70 hour grind but i didnt mind doing the xp challenges that even when i got curry i kept going for some reason

Use if: you want the best pg in this game

Don't use if: "You have a life other than this game

Bottom Line: the best card in this game, he is a hell of a grind but for me it was worth it

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