Paul George diamond card
92 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 76 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 62 REB

Best SF for <100k mt

Written by DameDaGoat

This Diamond Paul George card is still elite, and If you don't have the mt for Giannis or you didn't grind for Baylor I 100% recommend you buy this Paul George.

Bought for: 69,950 mt (with diamond shoe)


  • Slashing: No doubt about it, Paul George is a top tier slasher. Silver quick first step, 83 speed with ball, and 86 acceleration is more than good enough for a SF. Also his finishing is good with 90 driving dunk, 87 driving layup, 80 draw foul, 95 vertical, and GOLD contact finisher. He will throw it down. Now more onto the gameplay side. Paul George feels smooth with the ball, and on the fastbreak he seems to blow by people even quicker. When there is contact, his go to seems to be a powerful 2 handed dunk over the defender. He reminds me of GOAT MJ from last year because he always throws it down, regardless of who is defending him. If you're looking for a slasher at the SF or PF position I highly recommend this card.

  • Defending: Slashing is where PG-13 specializes, but he definitely doesn't lack any defense either. Right away you see that he has 90 lateral quickness and 89 perimeter defense with gold clamps, GOLD INTERCEPTOR, HOF Chase Down Artist, and HOF Pogo Stick. He also isn't bad at the PF position due to 70 interior defense. This card is better than his block rating shows, and because of HOF Chase Down Artist and HOF Pogo Stick, he can be your big man in tto. Now onto the gameplay side. In tto games, I noticed that NOBODY and I mean not a single card can blow by him. Also if you decide to off-ball in tto I recommend controlling him. Just hold square when a pass is thrown and he will jump it (thank you gold interceptor). I played 1 tto game today and I must have jumped at least 5 passes successfully with this card alone. One other thing I noticed is that he gets a lot of steals and blocks from other people driving on him. This card often pokes the ball lose or full on blocks the opponent if they make contact with him on a drive. Without a doubt this is one of the best lockdown defenders in the game.

  • Shooting: His release might be one of the best in the game. With no meter (and no lag) you can green so much with him. He also has important shooting badges like gold difficult shots and gold catch and shoot plus gold deadeye and bronze flexible release. The shooting stats aren't really amazing, only 83 three point shot and a 79 mid range, but he can still hit consistently in unlimited or tto. Thankfully this card also has no steady shooter, which makes his whites more consistent. Now onto the gameplay side. I actually like running him as my ball handler in tto, but if you don't he will get open in the corner for a three quite often. I think his release is easier to green off of the catch, but off of the dribble is fine too. There really isn't too much to say about his shooting, but in weaknesses there will be 1 thing....

  • Upgradable Badges: You can upgrade almost every badge of his except range extender and quick first step.

  • Dribbling: Pro 5 behind the back is smooth and arguably the best in the game for dribble glitching. It's definitely a bonus to this card because if you are ever having trouble scoring you can just dribble glitch and get an easy dunk every time. Also he has gold ankle breaker, silver bail out, silver stop and go, and silver tight handles which are all important badges to have at the start of the game.


  • Rebounding: 43 offensive rebound and 70 defensive rebound is not ideal for a PF, so for this reason I think he is better at the SF position.

  • Small Green Window: Because of no range extender and only an 83 3 point shot his green window is small and if you use the shot meter it can be somewhat inconsistent.

  • Not a very good passer: 75 passing accuracy and no passing badges isn't really ideal, but it doesn't really matter too much because he isn't usually the one passing; he's more of a scorer.


Other Comments: He is (in my opinion) a better version of Diamond KD and is arguably the best value card in the game.

Use if: "You want an amazing slasher and a clampgod.

Don't use if: You want a SF that shoots lights out.

Bottom Line: Still an elite SF, not outdated in the slightest.

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