'07 Andrea Bargnani ruby card
89 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 52 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 86 REB

Better Amy KP!!! Budget BEAST.

Written by Nba2kGod11

This card is honestly one of the best Centers in NBA2K21 MyTeam and is going to be decently cheap. I highly recommend picking him up for your squad, his presence as a big that can dominate inside and outside is incredible.

Bought for: 13k MT


  • Shooting: Andrea Bargnani has the potential to be the best shooting center in the game, period. Has an 87 3pt with Gold Catch-and-Shoot, Green Machine, Hot-Zone Hunter, bronze Difficult Shots, Flexible Release, and RANGE EXTENDER. Yes lads we have a ruby center with range already. Release is cash too might even be better than Kristaps'. I can't believe how well this card shoots the basketball.

  • Post Scoring: Bullies people down low into the paint with silver backdown punisher and 90 strength. Also has silver post-spin technician and dropstepper, the two best post moves in the game. Gold Contact finisher as well. Last but not least Bargnani has an 86 post hook with silver deep hooks + 84 post fade with Gold deep fades. Absolutely incredible post player. He truly exceeds KP in this department.

  • Screen Plays: Running plays with Bargnani as the screener is so OP, he has Gold Brick Wall(sets solid screens), gold pick-and-roll, and silver pick-and-popper. Silver Lob-city finisher with a 95 alley-oop tendency so he's a huge lob threat too. Off the pop he'll hit shots consistently too. If your opponent switches he'll take advantage in the post.

  • Defense: 83 interior defense with 85 block is good enough. He also has Gold Moving truck and silver post-move lockdown so he won't get bullied by guys like Shaq. He's also 7'0 with elite defensive tendencies. Another area where he's miles better than Porzingis.

  • Rebounding: 85 Ovr rebounding stats with Gold Worm, Putback Boss, Silver Box and Rebound Chaser. Can clean up on the glass with his height.


  • Speed is OK. Not the most athletic guy.

  • Will get burned on the perimeter 10 times out of 10

Recommended Strategy: Run pick-and-rolls/pops, they work so well. He can hit from deep consistently and can bang down low.

Other Comments: Why is a ruby better than an amy that was released not too long ago??

Use if: You want arguably the best budget center in this game.

Don't use if: You're a retarded dick that wants to lose.

Bottom Line: JUST. GET. THIS. CARD. He will make a huge impact on your squad. Pick him up before everyone realizes how good he is.

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