'04 Andrei Kirilenko amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 77 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 86 REB

AK47, D-and-3 Card

Written by Nba2kGod11

Yes I know you saw the title D-and-3 when we usually call cones 3-and-D. But that's what this guy gives you, incredible defense and the ability to hit open shots on the other end. The 2K19 GOAT is back, but 2k nerfed him sadly. Still a good card, he's on Diaw level in my opinion.

Bought for: Was overpriced early but settled at 15k


  • DEFENSE: With his height and ability to defend all positions, this guy's simply lockdown. 91 lateral quickness + 88 steal with Gold CLAMPS, Interceptor, Pick-Dodger, Pick-Pocket, and more is crazy. But he can guard people inside with 80 interior defense + 91 block with Gold Intimidator, Pogo, Heart Crusher, Post-Move Lockdown, Silver Moving Truck, and Rim Protector. Phenomenal defensive tendencies too of 80 pass-interception, 75 on-ball steal, 85 contest, 85 block, 15 foul and 10 hard foul. A godly defender, among the best in the game.

  • Shooting: 80 3pt and 88 mid-range is good enough. He has Base 29(Zion's) which is actually really quick but takes time to get used to. Will hit open-spot up shots for you.

  • Finishing: 88 driving layup, Silver Acrobat + Fancy Footwork, Default Swing layup package

  • On paper it says 78 speed w/ball which is right below average but he feels faster on the court. 82 ball handle is good as well, unfortunately there's a weakness.

  • Silver Post-Spin Technician and Dropstepper so if he has a smaller matchup he can work it down low

  • 85 Ovr rebounding stats, great for a PF/SF


  • No Shooting Badges hurts, he also steps in from corners sometimes

  • Trash dribble sigs

Recommended Strategy: If you don't have a good defensive PG he can match up to them, don't be afraid to switch on screens(AK can defend big guys), have him pull open shots. CONE.

Other Comments: A Bobby Jones that can shoot

Use if: You're looking for a good PF or SF who can play elite defense and hit open shots.

Don't use if: You have more MT or hate his release.

Bottom Line: Not as bad as people say, but not worth the MT right now.

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