'10 Trevor Ariza sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 73 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 63 REB

Hidden Budget Gem

Written by Nba2kGod11

Bought for: 4k MT


  • Shooting: 84 3, he'll mostly be shooting open ones off the catch and he has gold catch-and-shoot which is important for a cone. Also comes with silver green machine. He actually has a ton of hot zones too and has silver hot-zone hunter, which can be effective. Overall this card is a fantastic shooter.

  • Defense: 84 perimter defense and lateral quickness are elite at this point in the game, and more importantly, Ariza comes with bronze clamps. Silver Pick Dodger and Bronze Interceptor along with an 85 pass-interception tendency cap it off. One thing to mention: He is 6'8 but has a 7'2 wingspan; this could be useful for getting steals in passing lanes. This card is definitely a solid defender.

  • Finishing: Ariza has an 82 driving layup and 80 driving dunk(85 vertical), along with great dunk tendencies. A few silver finishing badges as well. While he isn't necessarily a good slasher, he can finish at the rim.


  • Speed/Slashing: His speed(77) is not terrible but this card doesn't come with QFS(or any playmaking badges for that matter, other than a useless bronze one).

  • Rebounding: His rebounding is pretty bad so don't play him at PF.

Recommended Strategy: Use as a cone, play at SF. Get him and catch-and-shoot scenarios and play lanes with him.

Use if: You want a budget SF that can get it done on both ends of the floor.

Don't use if: You need a quick SF that can burn people on the perimeter and create for himself. Or if you have an expensive SF already that's better.

Bottom Line: A great budget sapphire that people haven't really found out about yet.

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