Blake Griffin pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 92 REB

#1 Card In 2K21 Badged Up?!?

Written by Nba2kGod11

This PD Blake Griffin is a huge W from 2K, along with the PD Steph. These are both Top 5 cards in the game for sure and they are both obtainable by just grinding. At base Blake is definitely worse than Steph but with the right badges applied this card will become an absolute monster.

Bought for: Level 40, takes like 100 hours of grinding out that XP but well worth it if you have the time.


  • Dunking: It's freaking Blake Griffin, of course he's going to be one of the best dunkers in the game! His 98 driving AND standing dunk is unbelievable at this point in the year. Finishing badges are pure class as well with important ones being HOF Contact Finisher, Slithery, Relentless, Gold Acrobat, Consistent, Pro Touch, and many more. Pretty much maxed out dunking tendencies. Dunking animations are fantastic too, making him the best dunker in NBA2K21 MyTeam.

  • The speed on this card is no joke. 85 speed and 84 acceleration on someone his size is incredible. Even comes with an 83 ball handle with that Pro 1 BtB which is actually really nice, as well as the Oscar tween which will create separation for a drive to the basket. Most importantly Blake comes with Gold Quick First Step and Downhill, which helps him just blow by all the slower big men for easy slam dunks.

  • They juiced up this card to make him a spectacular sharpshooter. He's a quite consistent shooter from deep with that 89 3-pointer with Gold CAS, Corner Specialist, Difficult Shots, Flexible, and Green Machine. One of the crazier things about his shooting is that he's got Hot Zones from LITERALLY EVERYWHERE with Gold Hot-Zone Hunter. Release is much better than the sapphire's for some reason, it's super quick now. Feels and looks like Draymond's jumper which is fire. Once you add Range this man becomes a truly dangerous threat from the outside.

  • Post Scoring: Can straight up bully weaker guys with 94 strength + Gold Backdown Punisher. Once he's in the paint Blake Griffin simply can't be stopped. Has an array of tools to beat you with down low with Gold Post-Spin Technician, Dropstepper, Deep Fades, and Deep Hooks. If your opponent decides to double he can pass out for an open 3; that's where Silver Dimer might come in handy.

  • Defense: Not the most impressive part of his game but Blake can get it done on the defensive end for sure. Comes with 85 interior defense and HOF Pogo, Gold Heart Crusher, Post-Move Lockdown, Rim Protector, and more. Definitely add Clamps as well, he'll be able to defend guards on switches then.

  • Rebounding: Great stats along with Gold Rebound Chaser, Box, and Worm

  • Can get literally every single badge in the game applied and upgraded


  • Not the highest speed w/ball for a slasher of 77; of course it's great for a PF/C but still goes to show how solid this card is overall. You can apply a shoe to make it 80 anyway.

  • Obviously no Clamps at base and 72 lateral quickness isn't ideal. Not the greatest defensive tendencies either.

Recommended Strategy: I'd recommend playing him at Center, that way you can just run a 5-OUT and get easy rim-runs every single time down the floor. BADGE UP for sure.

Use if: Well, kind of too late to start grinding for him now. If you're on the way keep going because he'll make a huge difference on your team. He can be used(won't get outdated) for a long time.

Don't use if: You have a life and don't got the time for grinding.

Bottom Line: With badges added PD Blake Griffin is the best card in the game!!!

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